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Pass Me Another Red Bull Please

Criminitly! I missed IWSG last week. I missed a lot of things last week. Work. Sleep. Sanity. It started the week of Thanksgiving. I got a sore throat, cough… you know, the usual stuff that comes with a cold. Things improved, and then on came the fevers. Shivering. Sweating. Freezing. Burning. I spent a few…

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Full Dark #ReleaseDay

Guess what today is. It’s RELEASE DAY! This is the day you’ll see Full Dark take to the world wide web with a storm of announcements. Rightfully so, because this is a great anthology for an excellent cause. So head on over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and pick up your copy. 🙂 And…

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So Much Going On!

It’s been a rough time at the Town’s End. It’s been five months since we last had to pull out the crutches, so we were due for another round, right? While my husband hobbles around cursing his condition, I’m prepping to take the family into low-carb diet mode for the next five weeks (which sucks…

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Wow, October Already? #IWSG

I’m a little stunned that it’s October. I was aware of time passing and all, but dang! Month 10 out of 12 for this year, and I haven’t finished anything. I’ve accomplished a decent amount with book 2 of my big-book series, such as finally figuring out my character, her voice, and making significant edits…

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