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On Not Killing Characters #AmWriting

I suppose you can’t expect much concentration from a squirrel. I scamper off to my next objective, change my mind halfway, turn back, and turn back again—all the while forcing the considerate people around me to slam on their brakes. Over a month ago, I expressed my utter joy that I got to murder a…

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Aligning Events #IWSG

It’s July! Sheesh. Time is zooming by. With it being the first Wednesday of the month, it makes it time for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. What’s making me insecure this month? Time. Except, not in the way I typically lament it. Sure, I would love a few more hours a day to be able…

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Halfway Through 2017 #life

With the end of June coming in just a couple of days, I’ve been reflecting on this year. It hasn’t been the greatest. I had my share of emotional breakdowns, lamented the many medical issues plaguing my family, and despaired that I wouldn’t finish anything. But there’s no point to focusing on the bad, right?…

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Setting Realistic Goals

A couple weeks ago, I told the world about teaming up with a friend to hold each other accountable. She has successfully met her goal for the past couple of weeks. Me? My character is still alive. Considering I’ve written over 2K a week, I’m not disappointed. But it does reveal that I’m horrible at…

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It May Be Awesome #IWSG

After months of misery, I’m happy to report that life is AWESOME. Medical problems still persist and my house is a wreck, but writing wise, life is good. Last IWSG had me hoping I could finish chapters 8 and 9 in Isto. I did even better! I had breakthroughs on a character scale, decided to…

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