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According To Plan #IWSG

March wasn’t the best month for me. You’d think it’d be otherwise, with it being my birthday month and whatnot. Though I enjoyed the day of turning 35, a couple weeks before I was an emotional wreck. See, early in the month, I started a diet and exercise program. Eight weeks of RushFit with slow…

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Gettin’ It Done #IWSG

My #1 goal in writing this year is to finish Murder Most Fowl. Actually, it’d been my goal to publish it last year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to get from one place to the next in the story. Well, throw in an explosion, change the time of day, remove a character from the…

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Ode to My Love

I never had a significant other growing up, not that I felt I needed one. I was the girl who got repeatedly turned down when asking guys to the Sadie Hawkins dances. I went to a total of 2 formal dances in High School, one I conscripted the guy whose locker was next to mine…

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Woe or Whoa? #IWSG

I decided to track down the last time I wasn’t feeling like I was slowly sinking in a sticky mess of overwhelmed craziness. It’s been over six months. HALF A YEAR! Since mid-July of 2016, it’s been illness and injury and mishap around every turn. That leads me to my insecurity. It’s been half a…

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Fighting The Chill

Informational Tidbit: Squirrels don’t hibernate. Really, when it comes to the bitter cold, we just sleep a lot. And boy, oh boy, do I feel like sleeping. Idaho has been plagued with winter storm warnings lately. The Treasure Valley (Boise and surrounding area) is supposed to get more inches of snow today. School’s been cancelled…

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Maybe This Will Be The Year #IWSG

They announced the winners of the IWSG anthology this morning. I wasn’t among them, but my analytical side kicked in and I’m pretty sure why my story didn’t make the cut. Genre. It’s a fantasy anthology, and my story had little-to-no hint of the great fantastic. If anything, I’d classify it as supernatural, but there’s…

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