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Better Than This #YA #NewRelease

On Friday, something great happened. C.G. Coppola released her new YA Contemporary Romance. I had the pleasure to beta-read this story, and I have to tell you guys, it’s good. She wrapped me up with the characters that I found myself bawling on occasion just because I was so invested. It’s cute, it’s touching, and…

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The End Is In Sight! #AmWriting

After two rounds of antibiotics, steroids, and two different inhalers, I’m finally on the mend from my nearly month-long battle with illness. Woot! With the recovery comes a burst of writing energy as I task my characters with fetching a box of weapons while a different character works to build a solution to protect her…

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Digging My Way Out

It’s been a miserable month and I still haven’t quite recovered from it. I’m still struggling to breathe every morning, and all attempts at exercise have vanished from my routine. But I see the sunlight through the tree branches, and the warmer weather is starting to help me perk up. The downtime has given me…

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Celebrate Another Year

I turned 36 on Saturday. It was a good day. I ate food. A lot of food. It’s amazing how many places will give a free meal if you sign up with their birthday clubs. Some, you don’t have to sign up, you just need to show up on your birthday and show them your…

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Challenge Complete

The Colonel’s Challenge ended last week. It took me scrambling to get in some aerobic and high intensity work out there at the end, but I did it. There are actually four areas to the Colonel’s challenge, which includes losing 5% of your body weight, but I didn’t make it there. I lost 4 lbs…

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Brace Yourself

I mentioned my plans to design a wrist brace to support my daily activity. Originally, I was going to go with a similar style as the decorative sleeve I made a while back. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t take a lot of material. The only issue I have with it is that it’s like a…

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