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The Second Draft Journey

When I read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, he mentioned a formula he received in a rejection letter: 2nd Draft = 1st Draft – 10%. That inspired me and I set it as my goal. Numbers and me are good friends and I like having achievable goals I can see and…

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Blog Hop: World Building Excerpt

Day 5 of the World Building blog hop, hosted by Sharon Bayliss. World Building Excerpt Book: Thanmir War Name: Cameron Hartford Title: Commander Age: 19 Race: Human Hair color: Auburn Eye color: Green The change was instantaneous. Cameron stared down at the invisible line dividing the two provinces. On one side, a breeze stirred the…

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Blog Hop: Religion and/or Magic

Day 3 of the World Building blog hop, hosted by Sharon Bayliss. Religion and/or Magic Chikara was created by the elemental deities, collectively called the Drethamir. There are five Drethamir, just like there are five clans. The Drethamir embody creation, order, and meticulous design. They created the elements, the elementals, the oazmir, and many other…

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Blog Hop: History and Politics

Day 2 of the World Building blog hop hosted by Sharon Bayliss. History The human Chikaran calendar starts at 0 EE (Elemental Epoch). Elementals have no use for calendars or other time telling devices. Elementals are eternal and have existed long before the humans ran ashore on the hot desert sands in the Embrathael province…

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Silver Star Kingdom to Thanmir War

Fifteen-year-old me had an idea. How about write a story? As a huge fan of “magical girl” anime and fairies at the time, I started to formulate the following idea. A charming, superficial young man named Derek lives in California with his parents and brilliant little sister. He’s going to college for botany and dates…

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New Blog Name?!

I know, I know. Loni Townsend’s Blog is so… accurate. But I’ve recently stalked… er, read one of my critique partner’s guest post about bad blogging setups and realized that my blog name falls into the category of boring. So, Squirrel Talk. It was a play on “Girl Talk” and actually came to me years…

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