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Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a good writer or not. I’ve been told that I am, but I’ve also been told that my characters are wooden and unbelievable, which isn’t good writing. As I start my trek into plot point one, I find myself rethinking everything that’s on paper (figuratively, since I haven’t printed it…

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Adventures in Editing

When I finished my first draft, I had a mighty sense of pride. I had written a book. So when I received feedback telling me that my characters were shallow and unbelievable, it was pretty tough. But I was willing to accept the truth, examine the examples given to me, and reassess how I represented…

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Me Time

I sit in the darkness, nestled into my husband’s recliner, listening to the quiet snores of my daughter in the next room over. This is my time, the one hour I’m allowed to dedicate time and effort to writing. Parenthood means sacrifices, I know this now. Kimi is on a better schedule, tucked into bed…

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Thanmir War Prologue

The quiet rustle of dry parchment was a familiar sound as hungry hands shuffled through stacks of scrolls and books on a perpetual quest for information. Worn leather bindings surrendered their soothing musk to dusty layers of oxygen and oil left by tracing fingers and frequent review. Faded ink clung to aged fibers in eager…

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