Cera Chronicles – Gritty Crime World – part1

Cera Chronicles

Blogged book #1 – Unnamed

Code name: Gritty Crime World

Part 1

I felt the soft, sensual caress on my skin, a familiar lover that came to me every night, one I welcomed inside me. It began slow, lazy, and I swayed with seduction. A moan breathed past my lips as the pace increased, demanding a response. Fingers tight, I clung to my steadfast anchor, knowing it was too soon. It had only just begun. I hooked a knee and thrust my hips, dipping backwards until my fingers swept the naked floorboards. Need consumed me, urging me to take control. Tension built as I climbed, higher and higher, until I finally reached the apex, and welcomed release. My arms reached above my head and my back arched in ecstasy. The world around me turned upside down. The hard length between my thighs fed delicious friction as I descended.

And then I lost my grip.

My song halted with awkward abruptness as gravity aided my crash to the floor. I bounced off the stage and landed in a heap beneath the closest cocktail table. Fumbling to regain my bearings, I rolled onto my knees and adjusted the jewel encrusted bodice laced to my torso. The wrinkled old man sitting at the table grinned down at me and slid a roll of paper currency between my breasts. “Don’t worry, my dear. They all fall off some time.”

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