Me Time

I sit in the darkness, nestled into my husband’s recliner, listening to the quiet snores of my daughter in the next room over. This is my time, the one hour I’m allowed to dedicate time and effort to writing.

Parenthood means sacrifices, I know this now. Kimi is on a better schedule, tucked into bed by 9:00 PM, but with that new schedule, I have given up any and all use of my computer in the evenings.

It might not seem like a sacrifice, or it might seem insignificant. But the little things add up. There is no Skype or Google+. There is no sharing thoughts regarding favorite TV series, because there is no watching favorite TV series. There is no drawing pictures. No website development. No online reading. No writing. All of my hobbies must be crammed into one hour, from 6 to 7 AM.

But all is not lost. On the weekends, I get more time. No work equals no daycare, and no daycare means Kimi gets to sleep in. Plus, there is the 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I must plan and ration my time carefully, if I’m to make the best of it, but it’s still mine. Silly games and socializing will have to take a back seat. I’ve got a book to finish.

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