I reached 50K. I danced. I celebrated. I patted myself on the back at my great accomplishment.

After that, I started thinking about what I had written thus far and realized I didn’t like a character I had chosen to throw in because I didn’t know how to get rid of her and she kept popping up at the most annoying times. I also realized I didn’t like the last scene I wrote because the situation is too specific to Cameron, making the big bad less realistic (why is it on this world?) and unmanageable for my main protagonist, Derhan.

So both the character and the situation are going to be deleted and rewritten.


I’ve still many more words to write and I’ll end the month far past the 50K goal, so for that I’m proud. But there is something a bit disappointing and almost feels like cheating by claiming victory with a bunch of words that are to be deleted and rewritten.

But it felt mighty good to type…


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