New Blog Name?!

I know, I know. Loni Townsend’s Blog is so… accurate. But I’ve recently stalked… er, read one of my critique partner’s guest post about bad blogging setups and realized that my blog name falls into the category of boring.

So, Squirrel Talk.

It was a play on “Girl Talk” and actually came to me years ago when playing forums administrator for my guild back when I used to play WoW. I never had the opportunity to implement it. Mainly because it had nothing to do with our guild. I don’t play WoW anymore, but I’m still a squirrel.

What’s all this squirrel business about?

My online name is Risu which means – you guessed it – squirrel in Japanese. I’ve also been compared to Hammy from Over the Hedge on more than one occasion. It fits.

“You know… squirrels can be deadly when cornered.”Risu, gnome warlock

Loni Townsend

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Wife. Mother. Writer. Ninja. Squirrel.

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