Too old and yet just right

I watched the Total Recall remake tonight. If there is any actor I could have playing Cameron Hartford, it would be Colin Farrell. Cameron is only 19 and Colin Farrell is a hunky 36, so you can see my dilemma when it comes to age. But man! The actor profile this guy plays, the commando badass… Yes, Colin Farrell would be my casting choice. Of course, he doesn’t have the right hair and eye color either, but those are just minor details.

The only other cast choice I have beyond a doubt decided on would be Alistair Hobbs. Matt Bomer with his suave smile and charming abdomen…er, I mean…personality. No really, Matt Bomer won my affection for his role as Neal Caffrey on White Collar. Well dressed, amicable, and with a criminal mind. Matt Bomer could definitely pull off playing my Alistair.

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2 thoughts on “Too old and yet just right

  1. Is it bad that I’d only a vague idea who Colin Farrell is and no clue when it came to Matt Bomer. But then, I’ve also never watched anything they’re in so that’s totally understandable, right?

    Or does that make it sadder? I never can tell. >_>

    • I wouldn’t call that sad at all. Matt Bomer is primarily television, so he probably doesn’t get a great deal of circulation to screens outside of the USA. Colin Farrell, well, I haven’t seen many of his recent movies either. Mostly the ones back from 10 years ago. But Total Recall rekindled my liking of him.

      Scene from Total Recall

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