The Physical Product

Physical BookLast Friday, I came home and found a box awaiting my arrival. My CreateSpace copies had arrived! Things I would change:

Greater top and outside margin. The top margin was a little too high for my liking. And the outside margin didn’t quite seem to match up with the inside.

Design cover off the right margin. I did my cover elements based on the center. It made my text look a little off. I’ll probably scooch the title and my name a little to the right.

Spell things right. Now I expected some grammar mistakes, since it hasn’t been through copy-editing. But misspelling a character’s name?! *sigh* At least he’s a minor character…
Overall, I’m very happy with the output. Not to mention I was giddy with the whole fact that I have a copy of my book! Now on with the planning. Items still on my list: book trailer, self-publishing company, Goodreads author profile, and marketing. I have a tentative release date for later this year, but I want to make sure editing will fall in line first.

The stack

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5 thoughts on “The Physical Product

  1. Not sure if it’s your camera or how the cover printed out, but it looks better a little paler. I’m curious how the spine looks.

    Can’t wait to see your book trailer. They’re fun to make.
    Book interiors on the other hand … *mumble* just when I think I’ve got it right, it goes all ‘blaaargh!’ on me again.

    • I’ve added a photo to the post with a spine view in a stack. It too was affected by the right alignment, so it’s a bit off centered. I realized after holding my book just how much I had written. I even said aloud, “Wow. That’s a big book.”

      Hehe, interiors do tend to have that ‘blaaargh’ effect.

      • Oh, yes, the alignment shows up more on the spine for me. Doesn’t look too bad though. Better than some of the traditionally published books I own.

  2. Neato! It was fun to read this post and learn about your experience. 🙂

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