Finding Funny

cowKnock, knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting cow.

Interrupting c–



Ever have one of those times where you try to be funny and those around you just either stare with an awkward silence or give a pity smile?

Oh good, I’m not alone.

Sometimes, I crack myself up. That’s more than I can say about many comedians. But there are a few gems out there with just the right wit.

Comedians aside, I love characters. Ever see the TV show Psych? If you haven’t, the premise is about a hyper-observant guy named Shawn who passes himself off as a psychic. Shawn and his best friend Gus are grown men who are far from adults. Watching them always cracks me up. Their humor is based on extreme personalities that complement each other.

Other characters I like are from the book Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. This isn’t a book I’d recommend to my immediate family. It’s packed with profanity and is biblically inaccurate. But the characters came to life. Biff made me wince and facepalm, but his relationship with Joshua (Jesus) endeared me to him to the point that I actually shed tears toward the end, even though I knew the eminent outcome. Despite the wrongness that conflicted with my morals, the characters made me laugh.

I’m not very good at writing comedy. Believe me, I tried, and the result was the beta-reader wondering “was this suppose to be a satire piece?” *sigh*

Since I’m always looking for a smile, I’d love to hear what makes you laugh.

And for any Trekky fans out there, I leave you with an Audi commercial.

Happy Wednesday!

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