The Social Hermit

I’m introverted and not shy about that fact. I observe, I listen, and I assess. Take my offline life for example. When it comes to fun events, I’ll never be at the top of people’s invite list. Why? Because I’m a social hermit. Forgettable. I get glossed over while in plain sight. Makes for some great ninja skills.

This whole social thing? Completely out of my league.

I know my success as a published author hinges on building a platform. That, and writing a good book. I can chat up a storm when it comes to my blog or email. But facebook? Google+? Twitter? Just listen to the resounding sound of chirping crickets.

To resolve my ineptitude, I’ve picked up a couple of books. The one currently on the Kindle is Rise of the Machines by Kristen Lamb. Next, I plan to read Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet) by George Takei.

On top of that, I plan to take full advantage of an upcoming networking bloghop in late September, hosted by Melissa Maygrove.

Will I catch on? Not sure. But if I do get a few gems, I’ll be sure to share.

How about you? Do you know how to build a platform?

Loni Townsend

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4 thoughts on “The Social Hermit

  1. Platform is a word that makes my head hurt. While I do have hermit tendencies as well, I’ve pretty much owned up to making myself do a lot of socializing, online and otherwise, that doesn’t come to me naturally. So little by little, I do have a platform that is growing, but I try not to spend too much time doing so. Otherwise the WIP will never get finished!

    • I fear I’m going to have to make myself do the same. At least I’ve taken steps to connect with others offline. It’s just the online stuff that freaks me out. I don’t have a quick enough wit to keep pace with the ever-moving world.

  2. Aww, wow. I’m totally flattered you mentioned me. Thank you! šŸ™‚

    I’m like you in face-to-face social situations. I can do parties and classes and other social functions, but it exhausts me. And I’m not memorable. I could do 10 shots of liquor and STILL not be the life of the party. LOL

    On-line stuff’s not so hard. Just be polite and upbeat with your comments. Don’t be afraid to comment on someone’s blog, even if they’re new to you. Same with replying to someone on Twitter. It’s that personal contact that get’s you noticed in a positive way. šŸ˜‰

    • I think your bloghop is an excellent idea, and I’m more than happy to tell other people about it. And you have some awesome grammar tips!

      Ah, I don’t struggle with being upbeat in comments, I struggle with actually making comments. That’s where I fall short. The deadly silence…

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