Farewell 2013

Is it really here? A new year? Geez. Where did 2013 go? Time rushes past—a blur of memories. I think something happened this past year. Oh yes, quite a lot. I might have fried some brain circuits trying to remember it all.

The big things are easy. I had a kid. I published a book. My grandfather died.

But it’s those little things I strive to keep. The night my husband walked in with a dozen roses—just because. Those quiet mornings listening to my daughter snore. That double blue line on the pregnancy test. Hot air balloons. Painted zebra faces. New friends. New curtains. Giddy laughter. Pond water. Bamboo. Toffee ice cream. Summertime sweat. Mint leaves. Hot cider. Goggles. Fresh snow. Soiled diapers. The Littlest Christmas Tree. The Children

So what’s in store for 2014? I will finish book 2 of the Niniers. I will refine my photography. I will dance more and complain less. I will sing in my car—loudly and off-key. I will lose myself in my imaginary world and torture my characters with some evil plot. I will fret and worry for my children, but I will encourage and laugh and not be afraid to get dirty. I will unashamedly eat my empty carbs, drink my Red Bulls, and exercise all the harder to make up for it. I will create. I will improve. I will thrive.

What about you? What will you remember from 2013? What do you hope to gain in the coming year?

Loni Townsend

About Loni Townsend

Wife. Mother. Writer. Ninja. Squirrel.

6 thoughts on “Farewell 2013

  1. Your babies are so sweet! And what lovely ‘small’ memories to keep close. Here’s to 2014!

  2. One must always sing loudly in the car. That’s what cars are for.

    Happy New Year! ^_^

  3. 2013 was rough. Not bad, but rough. I don’t ever want to move again, but will need to within a year or two. 2014 is bound to be a better year though!

    • You guys are moving again? Back across the nation or just to a different location in this half of the US?

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