Civil War World?

Bellas_Point_ButtonIf you haven’t seen, Elizabeth Seckman is hosting a blog challenge to celebrate the release of her book, Bella’s Point. The only prompt is: It was the year 1865…

With a prompt like that, how could I not write a story? The tricky part is this: when I write something outside of the Niniers, it’s always Cera. But Cera doesn’t time travel; she world hops.

This is where I fudge things a bit. You see, time passes differently depending on the world. It might seem like a normal 24-hour day while she’s on the world, but that could be five annuals on Chikara (Cera’s home world) or only an hour.

So, it’s not really time travel, because it’s not really our world. Or is it?

Cera winds up on the banks of the Rio Grande, east of Brownsville, Texas. The month is May, and the year 1865

I’ve bumped this yet-to-be-named Cera Chronicle to highest-priority-WIP status, since the challenge starts in a week. I doubt it’ll be polished, and it won’t be complete, but we’ll see if I can generate about 500 words of interesting hook to entice the judges. I’ve never written a historical before, so we’ll see how well I do at adhering to facts.

Primary considerations: What was expected of women’s behavior in 1865? What was women’s fashion? What tropes are related to the civil war? What would 1865 world have to offer Cera as a potential cure for her dad?

Are you participating in Elizabeth’s challenge? Have you tried writing a historical? What do you know about the year 1865?

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31 thoughts on “Civil War World?

  1. Historical, especially times that are well documented, isn’t a place I’d be willing to dip my toe. The research … (oh, the research!) I own very little stories in the genre, but I have mega respect for those authors who can pull off such a novel.

    Right now, I’m being silly in fan fiction world. Heh. About all I can write for the moment…

  2. Not sure yet if I’ll participate although I will help spread the word for her.

  3. Have I tried historical.. Pshaw! =) I’m not playing this time, but I am hosting a Writerly Wednesday with Elizabeth’s book right now. That’s good enough, right?

  4. It’s sooo tempting, but I’m soooooo busy.

    Your idea sounds so cool, though. You’ve inspired me! LOL
    Maybe I’ll do it after all. πŸ˜‰

  5. Ooo, fun!!! I can’t join in – the thought of adding more research to my list makes me want to curl up in a ball and weep like a small child – but I’ll happily read what everybody comes up with, especially a Cera story! And hey, you’re the writer – you get to fudge whatever you want. Who says that present-day on Chikara is present-day on Earth, anyway? Go for it!

    • Ah, but there’s the whole timeline thing I need to consider. The Cera Chronicles take place after Thanmir War. πŸ˜‰

  6. OMG I didn’t know Bella’s Point’s release was here. Off to visit Elizabeth now. I can’t write historical. I’m not much of a history fan, sad to say. I didn’t even like it in high school when I was supposed to be learning about it.

    • History and me aren’t friends, but some of my favorite books are historical.

  7. Loni, you are so awesome! I wouldn’t worry so much about the technicalities (unless you enjoy the research process…I read diaries and such and just had a ball!). I doubt the judges will fact check. Mostly, just wanted to see what kind of posts actual readers like the best. I mean, in the end, it is the readers we want to please, right?

    Thanks again! A challenge is just that- a challenge- and you are brave to enter πŸ™‚

    • Yes, yes!

      I like to read stories, so I figure that’s why I lean toward writing them.

  8. I recently did a lot of research on 1870/1880 west coast. Although, the person I researched was in the Civil War. It was a bloody thing. My great great grandfather was in it. He was never right afterward… so the stories say.

    • I think no matter what war, people always come out a little worse.

  9. I’ve tried writing historical fiction, but nothing really stuck. I much prefer reading it. I’ve always liked that time period, though. I’ll be interested in reading what you come up with. Best of luck with it!

  10. I’m trying to think of a good idea. I don’t usually write historicals, though. But I love Elizabeth’s books!

    • Maybe a paranormal romance between a vampire feeding off the civil war fallen and a nurse who is trying to save them? Or maybe one of the soldiers turns into a zombie?

  11. What a cool idea to celebrate the release of her book. My most vivid memory associated with 1865 is when the prefix of the day was ante-. I would ask students for words that contain the prefix in order to get them to deduce its meaning. I always tied that into asking who knew what year the Civil War ended. In four years and asking twelve sections of ninth grade English student, maybe three ever got it right…

    • I would’ve been one of those students to get it wrong. >_<

  12. Good luck! And what a neat idea to have your character planet hop to 1865. πŸ™‚

  13. All the best Loni! πŸ™‚

  14. Going historical can be a pain with all the technicalities that must rain. That is why I just like making stuff up at my show. Lazy, I know lol

    • I’m figuring that out more and more as I go. Silly stuff like:

      How did they talk?
      Did they eat turkey?
      Would there be houses nearby?

  15. I write historical fantasy (among other things) so I jumped into the fray. A fan of squirrels are you? So is one of my major characters in my flash fiction — ah, he likes to eat them! But he an eagle.

    Old Abe was the eagle mascot for the 8th Wisconsin Infantry. He was such an icon that the Confederates waged battles whose sole purpose was to kill him! He lived until 1881 by the way. Can’t keep a high-flying hero down.

    Since I write fantasy, I wrote a take-off on THE WAR OF THE WORLDS: a tale of hope, humor, and courage in a time where those items are hard to come by. Stop by. I hoped to find your tale here, πŸ™

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m planning on posting on the 23rd. Hopefully you’ll be able to read my tidbit then.

  16. Another Cera story? YAY!!! You can bet I’ll be reading it when you post it. πŸ˜€

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