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Town’s End has a new family member! We named her Little Bunny Foo Foo, but my husband has dubbed her Little Bunny Poo Poo. I had no idea these little furballs could hold so much! But she happily consumes the plentiful lettuce that’s grown too bitter for my tastes.

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Everyone loves Foo Foo. Including the dogs. They’ve tried to eat her 7 times. After she narrowly escaped the last time, we moved her upstairs to my daughter’s bedroom. She’s much happier when she’s not being leered at.

Not to mention, she makes a glorious hare extension for my husband. *giggle*

Hare Extension

Sorry, that photo wasn’t great because of poor lighting. And it’s one of the few you’ll see of my husband with a semi-serious expression (though he is saying “OW!” because her claws are digging into his scalp).

That’s it for the featured photo. If you didn’t see my flash fiction entry for Elizabeth’s Bella’s Point blog challenge, please check it out, and then sign up yourself!

Do you have any furry family members? Are there any furry friends you wish you had? Did you see my blog challenge entry?

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32 thoughts on “Featured Photo Friday

  1. Cute!

    It’s been years since I’ve had a bunny. His name was Guinevere. That’s rightβ€”his. I thought he was a girl when I first got him. Then he got…really happy to see my cats, so I figured out otherwise. But the name stuck. He looked a lot like your bunny, too.

  2. Hare extension – funny! Welcome to your new family member.

  3. Oh my goodness! She’s so adorable! I’ve always wanted a bunny. Right now we have four cats.

  4. Too cute! If I tried to bring home any small critters, my cat would definitely try to eat them…

  5. Very cute bunny. I just hopped(haha) over here to say hi. Yes we have a rescue dog Wallace and 4 cats-3 are rescue. The last one is very..um…fat. Dieting is needed if we can keep her away from the other cat food. I would love to have a black lab. I miss my Katie who passed when she was 13 so that would be nice but we need to pare down the furry brood so it will be awhile

  6. Matt and I love our fur kids very much! Make sure to keep Foo Foo safe from the dogs. I have this horrible birthday memory of getting off the school bus and stopping by my friends house before we headed to my birthday party. Lo and behold her beagle has chewed her bunny up and strewn it from one end of the house to the other πŸ™ Talk about imagery that sears itself into the brain…

    • I recall walking into my bedroom when I was younger and finding my frog electrocuted because his water bowl was too close to the heat rock. Yeah, dead pets do leave impressions.

  7. So cute! Little Bunny Poo Poo. I love it!

  8. Awww. How cute! πŸ™‚

  9. Daww.

    I wanted bunny when I was young, then my grandfather reminded me just what our sweet little kitties do to the wild rabbits…

  10. She’s so cute! I like her smokey color. And that’s great that you take her outside. I always feel bad for the rabbits that get stuck in those wire cages all day. And talking about names, my dog is named Licorice, but I nicknamed her Missy Moo Moo which got shortened to Moo. She’s only Licorice when she’s bad. =)

  11. That’s cute bunny. I saw four little bunnies last night on my walk. There are so cute.

  12. Your bunny is so cute! We don’t have any pet bunnies, but we have a wild one that lives in the woods behind our house and comes out onto our lawn most evenings. I don’t mind having it around, except when it’s eating my flowers.

  13. She is all kinds of adorable! I have some cell phone shots of my puppy up on my blog today. πŸ™‚

  14. How funny. Hare extension indeed. I’ve only held a rabbit once and I thought it felt weird, maybe cause the skin was so loose.

  15. Adorable, but then I am biased. Love the hubbie photo, and you tell he doesn’t look comfortable. Poor fella. πŸ™‚

  16. I think your furry friend is pretty adorable. Rabbits are the kewlest.

  17. What a cutie! I bet she’s soooo soft. I’m glad you rescued her from being a doggy-dinner. Have a great week!

  18. My son’s 4H project was the bunny from hell. We named her Ms. Bell Bunny at first, then switched it to Ms. Hell Bunny. That was one mean rabbit. When the Monty Python rabbit shredded people in that movie, we checked to see if ours had gotten loose. I have a whole different perspective on bunnies than most people do.

    • Egads! That was probably the bunny that was bopping the field mice on the head. (Very mean thing to do)

  19. HA! so funny. we are a pet free home πŸ˜€ other than the 2 cute goldfish in the outdoor pond. πŸ˜€

  20. So cute! Unfortunately no furry family friends in our household. I’d like to rectify that this year, though. My son’s old enough to share in the responsibility now.

  21. Philip Overby

    I wish I had a tiny unicorn. I would walk it in the park and be the envy of all my non-unicorn owning friends.

  22. I love her! We used to have rabbits. I had a Dutch bunny with one blue eye and one brown eye and his name was “Nut.”

  23. Little Bunny Foo Foo is cute! And I adore that name. I had a bunny when I was a teen. It was black and white and I named him Bandit. He grew up on a bunny farm, so he was pretty skittish. I couldn’t hold him like I wished I could. After about 6-9 months I returned him to the bunny farm. I was sad, but I knew he would be happier there.

  24. Cute!

    We have a bunny we call “Bunyo” or “Bunyatto.” My dog tried to eat her at first, but now, they’re good pals. Sort of. The bunny tried to hump the dog.

  25. I have a few too many furry family members. I have two dogs (three while I dog sit for my mom) and a cat. I think one dog, one cat is perfect, but love my pooches and would never cast one out!

    Love the picture of your hubs. He could start a new trend!

  26. Such a cutie! And I loved the photo of your husband. hare-larious. (okay, it was the best I could come up with just coming off two weeks of camping in the woods.)

  27. @Everyone: Little Bunny Foo Foo twitches her ears in thanks for your compliments.

  28. Little Bunny Poo Poo, hopping through the forest, picking up the field mice, and dropping on their heads. Great photos!

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