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This last Monday, I participated in a photo shoot for a local writing collaboration. We faced the heat and made our way to the Old Penitentiary.


I decided to play with HDR for this featured photo, which seems to add a funky glow.

But then, my photography skills don’t quite measure up to the professionals.

Our group is called The Seven. We’ve got a plan for 3 books a year for the next 3 years, plus one coming out in December, for a total of 10 books. They’ll be supernatural/paranormal, probably on the creepy end of things.

Check out these author photos for the group. I’m the one dressed in black. 🙂


I think this one is my favorite. What do you guys think?


Have you collaborated on a writing project? Do like the HDR effect? Is it hot where you live?

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18 thoughts on “Featured Photo Friday

  1. You are the one in black? I love the one that is your favorite, but there are some other good shots of you in there too.

  2. Great detail and color on that shot.
    Ambitious group! I did like your favorite photo. Has a goth look. But I also really liked the color one.

  3. Lindy Crawford

    This is an amazing photo! I love the colors!

  4. I liked the image. It seemed to glow and be a bit ominous at the same time. Good texture on the stones.

    Black looks good on you!

  5. I LOVE the photo. The colors give it a great effect. Something about old jails and mental asylums fascinates me.

  6. I always like to think I have mad photography skills, but more often than not, my photos are of my finger covering the lens.

    Never done a collab. Not sure I would do very well at it…too much of a control freak.

    Love that your group has such ambitious plans!

  7. A penitentiary makes for a creepy setting for your photo shoot. I like that photo of you that you chose but I think the colour one is my fave. The black and white is effective to get that creepy feeling. Very cool to hear about your collaboration. I’ve never done that before. Must be fun and challenging. And no, it’s not that hot here in Cape Breton where I am at the moment with visiting my parents while on vacation. Just love those cool sea breezes. Ahhhhh!

  8. I think your fav is my fav too. But they were all really good! And that gate pic- wow! I love the contrast between the green grass, the goldish hillside, and that blue blue sky. I’ve really loved some of your other photos, but I think this one takes the cake! It was nice hearing about The Sevens- keep us updated on your doings, sounds neat!

  9. I love that author shot! Very artsy. 🙂 The penitentiary is pretty cool, too!

  10. I love it to pieces!!

  11. Never has a penitentiary looked so wonderful — nice work. And a cool author photo, to boot.

  12. Fantastic author pic! It’s boiling hot here this week. I’m ready for autumn to come.

  13. You cut your hair! It looks so cute!! I LOVE all the photos—so professional, and I think the penitentiary was a great choice. The stone backgrounds were perfect for the setting. Your author photo turned out AMAZING!

  14. I love your photos! And I like your author photo. I’d say go with the fave. You really have such a sweet, kind face, you need the bit of gothiness to add that bit of mystery/creepy.

  15. The photos are really great!
    And yes, it’s hot my end of the globe… most of the time… but that’s because of our predominantly subtropical climate.

  16. Look forward to hearing more about the Seven – very interesting! Cool effect on the photo – makes it look magical instead of grim.

  17. All the photos are great! I really like the last full one in color because I can see you more clearly, but I would go with your favorite. I love the effect it gives. And I don’t know if it’s new or old, but I adore your hair cut!

  18. Great photo of the Old Penitentiary. I enjoy visiting historic sites, and some are more chilling than others. Your author photos are lovely (all three of you). I found your blog through Sarah Brentyn. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in chatting about collaboration as I have a few ideas and would like to talk to someone doing so. I live in Idaho, too but I suspect way north of you if it’s hot where you’re at. I’m between Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry. Nice and cool!

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