The 777 Challenge

Chrys Fey tagged me in the 777 challenge. For the challenge you have to choose a WIP, go to the 7th page, scroll down to the 7th line, and share the next 7 lines or so.

I debated which WIP to open. I could do the one I just finished, but it’s a short story, so the details on page 7 are quite telling. Then I thought I’d do Isto, but again, the details might spoil anyone who hasn’t read Thanmir War. So I opened yet another WIP, and found (much to my horror) it was too boring to post as a snippet. That’s probably a sign I need to revise.

I decided to go with This World Bites, which I’m releasing next month. I suppose it’s still technically a WIP, even though I’ve gotten the final edits back from my editor and am now formatting everything. I’m working on it, so it counts, right?

Here you go!

“Alright, we have one parsley burger, one sweet potato shake with a tofu sandwich, three orders of cabbage fingers, a corn cake, and a bowl of beet soup.”

I liked the way his voice drawled, and mentally tallied it as one of my favorite otherworldly accents. I batted my eyelashes. “What’s your name?”

He grinned, showing straight white teeth and elongated bicuspids. “Duke.” He pointed to the tag attached to the front of his shirt. “And what’s yours, pretty lady?”

Fues cut me off before I could respond.

Not the most action-packed snippet, I know. But hopefully you enjoyed it.

I’m supposed to tag other people to continue this challenge. I suck at this part, because I never remember who has done the challenge, who has been tagged, who doesn’t participate, who is on blogging hiatus, and who really enjoys this type of thing. So I’m just throwing some names out there.

Carrie Butler – I hear she’s been rocking her latest WIP and is on FIRE!! That gets me excited because I enjoy her books. Plus I heart Cole.

Philip Overby – He’s got a story up on Tablo, and who wouldn’t want to see more?

Aldrea Alien – She’s been without Internet for a while, but she mentioned she was working on a fanfic for a game she’s playing. I miss her writing, so even a snippet would be great for me.

Beth Ellyn Summer – She’s got the sweetest personality you’ll find on the Internet. I don’t know if she’s allowed to share snippets, since I know she’s working with an agent, but if so, I’d be interested to read.

Ernesto San Giacomo – He’s local to my area, and I got to meet him during NaNoWriMo. He’s entertaining in real life, so I’m interested in what his writing is like.

Chemist Ken – It looks like he’s in edit mode, and in the process of moving things around, but he’s mentioned his book, his hopes, his worries, and it’s really piqued my interest. I’d love to see a snippet.

Liz Blocker – I don’t know if she’s got seven pages worth of non-fiction to go through for this challenge, but it’s been her passion lately, and I’d love to see a piece of it. She always writes with such vitality that I can’t help but be caught up in it.

Well, I’ve named 7 people to stick with the 7 motif. I don’t think that’s necessary, but hey, why not? Snippets from them means more for me! 🙂

What’d you think of my snippet? Do you currently have a WIP? If you would like to participate, consider yourself tagged.

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32 thoughts on “The 777 Challenge

  1. Yea! I LOVE Duke!!! 😀

  2. This is a pretty cool blog tag. I liked your snippet. And your selection of other writers. I bet they’ll have great snippets, too.

  3. Awesome story. I still giggle about the original ending…am I sick or what? Can’t wait to see it in print!

    • If you’re sick, what does that make me, since I wrote that ending? 🙂

      I still entertain myself, knowing how twisted the original ending was.

  4. Hmmm…. I’m afraid to even look at the what my WIP looks like on page 7, line 7. Chances are there’ll be a bunch of crossed out sentences or multiple versions of the same sentence. Which means I’d probably have to edit it before I could post it. LOL. Thanks for the mention.

  5. Snippets are always fun to read 🙂

  6. I’m SO happy you chose This World Bites! I’m a huge fan of this story! I loved Duke. 😉 And you picked great choices for the authors you tagged.

  7. aaww you’re the best!! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to do it, but my WIP is a disaster–I don’t think there’s a single complete sentence! haha. This gives me incentive to actually commit to editing at least one page 🙂

  8. It totally counts.

    And that lunch sounds quite good actually.

  9. Love the menu. Yummy. Are there recipes in the book?

  10. Hi, Loni! Thanks for tagging me and sharing my link. Your snippet was great. A little weird, the way I like it. I especially liked “otherworldly accents.”

    You also gave me a reason to blog. Which I haven’t in quite a while. Hot diggity dog!

  11. Hey, thanks so much, Loni!! I don’t have seven pages worth of non-fiction – my pieces are all much shorter than that – but I’ll see what I can come up with. I’ll figure something out 🙂 Thanks for the shout-out, and the compliments! You’re the best.

    I liked that excerpt, but then, I liked the scene, too 🙂

    Also – “found (much to my horror) it was too boring to post as a snippet. That’s probably a sign I need to revise.” LOL!!! This is my life!!! Oh man. I know I’m in trouble when I’M bored by my writing…

  12. Great excerpt as you got your 7’s all lined up in a row

  13. The dialogue and stage business of your snippet works to draw me in. I would read more!

  14. Great! It sounds a bit like a SF novel. I think you’ve discovered a clever way to make sure my WIP has no boring parts – go to a random sentence and ask myself if I’d post it. This’ll help, seriously, thanks! 🙂

  15. I’m intrigued. I’m looking forward to your release of This World Bites. (GREAT title, btw.) 🙂

  16. Well now … whatever will I post? All my current typing has been short one-shot fanfics (apart from one that’s NSFW), and most of my other work doesn’t have a page seven. That leaves The Shadow Prince or Dark One’s Bride or even Dark One’s Wife…

    Hmm… this may take some thinking…

  17. Not the most action-packed section, but definitely attention-getting. I’m definitely curious about the type of person who would place an order like that!

  18. Super snippet! 777, heh? A fun game.

  19. I liked the snippet. Not so sure about the food they ordered, though. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more. Now I have to go look at my WIP 777 lines. That’s a great way to keep things interesting.

  20. I enjoyed reading your snippet, Loni. What a great idea for a blog tag!

  21. Nice! That sounds like it’s going to be a great read. 😀

    No pressure on the tag, right? LOL Hmm… well, since I have the rest of my blog posts for the year scheduled, I’ll share mine with you now. I don’t know how you managed it, but you find a Cole passage…


    I cleared my throat. “So, what are you going to do with Frank while we—”
    “Frank Bacon,” Cole emphasized.
    That earned him a squeal from his adopted swine.
    “Isn’t that a little cruel?” I asked, barely moving my lips so the pig wouldn’t catch on.
    “Frank Bacon fears nothing—even the curse of his people.”
    Wallace snorted.
    “Of course.” I shook my head. “But seriously, what are you going to do with him? We have to be at the airport in an hour.”

  22. Enjoyed your snippet — and the whole flippin’ thing, as you already know. Have a great week.

  23. The meal doesn’t sound so yummy to me, but it does sound nourishing. Do you include some recipes in the book?

    Tossing It Out

    • Nope, no recipes. This scene just happens to take place at a vegan establishment, where the hero meets her love interest. 🙂

  24. That was a fun snippet! Kind of made me hungry. 🙂 Hope you and yours have a very happy holiday season.

  25. I like that you had a selection of WIPs to pick from. Glad I’m not the only one who works that way.

  26. I’d like to know more about those characters. Good snippet. And you sound busy – that’s a lot of WIPs going on!

  27. Hi, Loni,

    Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday and ALL the best for 2015!…

    I SEE you are well on your way… Enjoyed the snippet… All the best with your final draft and publication…

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