Not Quite the Multitasker I Thought

I will never be a professional juggler. I’ve dropped so many balls lately, it’s ridiculous. The sad thing is, I’m sorry about not being more sorry than I am actually sorry. People get busy, priorities shift, and the person who promises too much disappoints many.

First off, apologies to C.D. Gallant-King. I beta-read a previous draft of his story (though I’ve read he’s since changed some of the later parts), but I haven’t sent him feedback. This guy is crazy wacky and if you love over-the-top slapstick with some grit, then you might consider checking out his InkShares page for the book, Hell Comes to Hogtown.

Second apologies go to Melissa Maygrove. She recently release her latest book, Precious Atonement (a companion novel to Come Back), and I haven’t left a review yet. This book tugs the heart strings. Melissa is masterful at building emotional connections with the reader. She makes you care about Rachel and Jacob, and exult when they overcome their demons and achieve the happy ending readers hope for. She does an excellent job at drawing you into the time when life lacked the easy conveniences, and hard work was just part of life. Historical Romance — Five Stars. Definitely check it out.

Life is busy at the Town’s End. Babyzilla (aka, the Boy) turns two this Friday, and the Girl turned five a few weeks ago, just before starting kindergarten. My husband has adjusted to being a stay-at-home dad, and I’ve seen the subtle shift from the kids always going to Mama to now approaching Daddy first if they want something. I’ve taken up running, doing the Couch-to-5K with my sis-in-law. Unfortunately, the front wheel on my jogging stroller isn’t straight, so it wants to veer off to the left whenever I run. But the kids enjoy going out, and my husband appreciates the half hour he gets to himself.

Work has the Colonel’s Challenge going on, meaning I have a goal to do 3,500 pushups/situps, lift a cumulative of 140,000 lbs, and do 30hrs of aerobic/high intensity exercise within the next 60 days. That has resulted in frequent jogs to the park on non-run nights to my children’s delight, and many sore muscles to my dismay. Thankfully, my son weighs 30lbs and my daughter weighs 40lbs, so I count them towards my weight lifting.

Critique group has had low attendance lately, so we’re throwing in a dialogue workshop since we’re at the end of rotation. I have to thank my friends Jim and Dani for that, because it’s one less thing I have to worry about.

On top of that, I’m still writing (6K more from my last check in) and reading. I’ve never read the Wheel of Time series before now, even though some reviewers have compared Thanmir War to it. So I decided it’d be a good idea to find out what I’m getting compared to. I haven’t read the prequel yet, but I’m on book 12 of the 14 book series, listening to the audiobooks. I started in July. Each one of these books is over 200K, some even nearing 400K. The entire series equals 461 hours of audio. With the exception of book 10, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard so far. Book 10 was waaaaaaayyyyy too slow. I’ve wanted to slap some of the women throughout this series, but it gives me good insight as to what not to do. Other than that, I find the series favorable.

I suppose I’m pleased at being compared to the Wheel of Time. I can see where there are similarities. I know Thanmir War is a hefty volume, rolling in at 170K, but that’s the type of book I enjoy. *shrug*

What has kept you busy lately? Are you a good juggler? Has your writing been compared to a series you like? What do you think of exercise?

Loni Townsend

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21 thoughts on “Not Quite the Multitasker I Thought

  1. Wow, you are a busy woman! Glad you’re still managing to write and read in there. I’ve read the Wheel of Time series, but I couldn’t imagine listening to them! My husband successfully did the couch to 5k. He’s moved on to trying to get to 10k. I don’t like to exercise anything except my mind, but I make sure to do something at least 3 times a week. I want to be able to keep up with my son!

  2. Babyzilla…aww!!! Happy birthday to your baby boy! πŸ™‚

    I think C.D. and Melissa will forgive you. We all get sucked into life when we have obligations we need to meet. It’s completely understandable. We’ve all been there.

    Oh, reading a series that has been compared to your own book would be fascinating. I’d be on the lookout for similarities. Then I’d laugh about it. Even our most original idea isn’t truly original. Big books are a lot of fun to read because you can really sink into them.

    Enjoy your reading…or listening. πŸ˜‰ And have a good week!

  3. I have to say I’m guilty of the same thing. I’ve promised too much and had to backtrack. Sometimes things happen and you just can’t get there. You do the best you can, and that will have to do.
    Happy Birthday to your kids and good luck with the Colonel’s Challenge. What do I think about exercise? I think I need to do more of it. πŸ™‚
    It’s great that you’re getting a lot of writing done. I read the first book in the Wheel of Time series a long time ago, but that’s as far as I got. I have the second book, and it’s on my TBR list, somewhere. Congrats on your book being compared to a classic!

  4. There’s always WAY too much going on. My recent challenge has been balancing the kids school day with a baby, my commitments, and the regular house maintenance stuff. I’m wishing my baby took more than 2 naps a day, but such is life, eh? Here’s to doing what we can as we’re able!

  5. Oh, you are so sweet. If you imagined me tapping my foot and glaring in your direction, you thought wrong. I’m happy for anything anyone is willing to do, and I know you’ve had a few too many plates to keep spinning lately.

    Hugs, Loni. I hope life settles down for you soon. πŸ™‚

  6. As my father used to say, “There are good jugglers and there are lousy jugglers. Tonight you get to see a double feature–a juggler who’s good and lousy.” I’m not a very good juggler, but I spent years making a living as a professional juggler. Even now I’m always dropping stuff.

    It’s not so much how good you are as much as it is what you do with what you’ve got and the lucky breaks you encounter along life’s way.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  7. Stephen Tremp

    Loni, my whole life is one big juggling act. But I like the chaotic and thrive in it. Much better than living a mundane predictable repetitive life.

    • Stephen Tremp

      Strange, I changed my avatar but my old one from the A to Z Challenge is showing up here. Maybe I’ve been hacked bu aliens.

      Stephen Tremp

  8. A very timely post. I’ve missed a few of my juggling balls lately. But you have two little ones running around. That’s a huge amount of your time there. πŸ™‚

  9. You are on a fitness binge! Good for you.
    You made it much further than I did in that series. I gave up because it looked like it would never end.

  10. I’m amazed at how much you get done! You shouldn’t feel guilty, because you’re truly rocking it. Doing all you do with little ones? Amazing! Mine are all teens and a twenty, and I’m still unable to get half of what you do done.

  11. Sounds like you’ve got lots going on! But one less thing, as you did leave a review here. =) Tip of the hat to you on exercising, something I never do, but should!

  12. I’ve never made it very far into the Couch to 5k challenge. I’ve attempted it almost every year since I discovered it, but never actually get to the 5k part.

    I’ve also never read the entire Wheel of Time series. I have the entire series, thanks to a library book sale, but I haven’t made it all the way through.

    And yes, my series has been compared to a series I love. I’m not entirely comfortable with it. πŸ™‚

  13. I have three books I’m supposed to read and review for authors I know, but they’ve just been sitting there. I’m finding it hard to read when I’m editing all day long as it is. Exercise? It’s great and keeps me sane.

  14. Eee! You’re finally reading WoT?! I’ve not read the last one, as I want to re-read the series… again, just to make sure I remember it all. It’ll be my third or fourth time for some of the books. But yeah, from memory, book ten is a touch slow.

    I’ve only once been compared to another book, not in a flattering way, by any means. I’ve also had The Rogue King called incomparable.

    I suppose tearing down a fence could be considered exercise, my legs certainly objected to the hills. πŸ™‚

  15. “People get busy, priorities shift, and the person who promises too much disappoints many.” This. Absolutely. It’s awesome you’re taking the time to exercise. That’s one of the first balls that I drop. along with house work. I’m a path-of-least-resistance girl. lol! Great review for Melissa’s book! πŸ™‚

  16. Well. This is timely. I just wrote a post about falling behind, not being able to keep up in the first place, etc. Also, I’ve read some other posts (and received emails) about people “juggling” and “dropping balls”. We’re all overwhelmed. Though it seems you’re doing pretty well, despite everything. Good on you for the exercise and writing! I’m envious. πŸ˜‰

  17. Boo! Not because you haven’t gotten back to me, which is perfectly fine and understandable. Boo for someone comparing your work to WoT, which is one of the most boring and overwritten things I’ve ever read. I got through book 6 and I gave up.

    Congrats on getting up and moving! It will make everything feel better in the long run. Except your legs. Your legs will hurt all the time. And possibly some other parts, if they chafe. :-/

  18. I avoid having to juggle by keeping way too busy. Work, writing, time with friends and/or family on weekends and a little bit of playing video games and/or reading is quite literally all I have time for these days. >_< I'm just short of overwhelmed, but everything's going well. Thankfully, major book revisions will be done soon, so I can take a tiny break and return to plotting.

    As for working out, I have to do that regularly, but it sounds like you've got something much more hardcore going. Hope you hit your goals and it all pays off well.

  19. Give yourself a break. There’s way too much going on for anybody to get a handle on. I’d say you’re doing well. The fact that you’re still writing says a lot.

  20. I still don’t get everything done I want to and I don’t have half the things on my agenda that you do. Still think you’re pretty incredible for doing what you can πŸ™‚

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