A Fairly Secure New Year #IWSG

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m still catching my breath from the holidays. Oh, it wasn’t super busy at the Town’s End. In fact, I didn’t even get around to hosting my annual surf ‘n turf meal to celebrate the new year. But I’m all fidgety, like I’m falling behind with something.

It’s not my resolutions. Those are simple. Walk 10,000 steps a day (tough for a programmer with a desk job) and Sworkit at least 5 minutes a day. So far, so good.

It’s not my writing either. I’ve revised some early Isto scenes specifically to add emotion, and according to my local buddies, I’ve done a good job at it. I’ve also been figuring out the plan for book 3. My “Plan” is up to 12K. I can’t say how far through the book percentage wise that is, since I’m a pantser by nature and I don’t really know what all is going to happen. Oh, I know how it ends, but getting there? Pfft! And I’ve also got another story in my head to flesh out the background of a minor character.

Maybe I’m fidgety because I haven’t read a book in months. Things got busy in October and didn’t stop. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have anything to release this year. I’ve been so enraptured by books 2 & 3 of the big books, that I haven’t given any attention to Cera and Murder Most Fowl. Neither Thanmir War or This World Bites are selling. Maybe it’s because I don’t promote my books. Maybe it’s because epic fantasy is a wide market. I tell myself to finish writing the next book. It’s supposed to help. But… What if the reason I’m not selling anything is because I suck?

Oh look… I’m fidgeting again.

I’ll just do what I always do: shove aside my insecurities and just keep writing.

How is your new year going? Do you ever get fidgety? Do you make resolutions? If so, what are they?

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49 thoughts on “A Fairly Secure New Year #IWSG

  1. I know I get fidgety sometimes–can’t say for sure why, but it’s usually something dumb in my life that I can’t seem to be able to control. Outside stuff can be so frustrating.

    I need to read a good book or two also.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. I’m constantly fidgety. Possibly because I’m always falling behind with something. 🙂

    And you definitely don’t suck. So, please, don’t think that.

    Happy writing, and best of luck with your resolutions!

  3. I’m only fidgety after too much Coke or Mountain Dew. I don’t drink coffee.

    Yep, the only thing you can do is keep writing. Eventually readers will discover your books and then you’ll have more to sell them when they do. Happy 2016!

  4. You don’t suck. There are just millions of books out there, so you need a bit of time to filter through the chaff. Write a sequel or two and see if people start to take notice. 🙂

    I get fidgety when I have stuff to do but I can’t work on anything. I am no good at just sitting around doing nothing, I always have to be doing something, even if it’s just doing the dishes or laundry (though obviously there are other things I would rather be doing).

    Happy New Year!

  5. Holy crap. I just wrote a post about the fact that I suck at writing. What is in the water?! And if YOU suck, I really do. I’m glad you’re so determined to keep at it because I love your writing. The fall (around late September) got wicked busy and hasn’t stopped here, either. Keep writing ❤️ and sworking out…whatever that is. Happy New Year, lovely lady.

  6. I’m not fidgety but I do feel like my mind is whirling too quickly and there are simply not enough hours in the day. I hope your book sales improve. But don’t lose hope and keep writing. More promotion might be in order – after all if people aren’t reading your books, it means they don’t know they are there. Wishing you great success throughout the year Loni. It is going to be a good one 🙂

  7. I’ve been fidgety lately too. I’m excited but also overwhelmed by things I want to accomplish. Plus I’m just naturally kind of fidgety LOL. I could be a squirrel myself.

    Sounds like what you always do is the right thing. Happy New Year!

  8. First, you don’t suck.
    I say keep writing and moving forward.

    I’ve been so busy that I can barely keep up with anything, and finding time to write? Pft. It ain’t happening. I sit here and wonder how I had time for all the writing and blogging I did in the past. I got a new (from part-time to full-time) job, but that can’t be the only reason. What the heck changed?

    Oh, well. I’ll figure it out…

  9. I doubt it’s because you suck! Just get back in the writing groove. You’ll feel better.

  10. I get fidgety a lot. Sales have been low everywhere. It can get depressing but we’ve just got to keep on writing on. And don’t you stop! I love your stories. 🙂 Here’s to an awesome 2016 for us all.

  11. You know, sometimes it’s like that. I didn’t have anything to release in 2015, but I have 3 releases in 2016, maybe 4 if I’m really ambitious. Here’s hoping. =)

  12. I just read that keyword searches are KEY when categorizing your book to sell e.g. Amazon, and experiment with them that changing them sometimes can change the game. They say too, to check a best selling author in your genre and then look at the sub-genre’s that pull up. That if you can put your book in the sub-genre it will get more view and show up in searches more often, instead of competing with the best sellers for the main genre. Just a thought, I hope it helps. I don’t have to worry with this yet, but I read everything I can find so I can learn.

    I think I’m more impatient with myself than fidgety, but I get where you are coming from. Best of luck and 2016 and much success!
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

  13. You don’t suck! I’m sure it’s hard balancing all the things you need/want to do and if you’re getting a lot of writing done, maybe marketing has taken a backseat. That’s ok!

  14. I hear you on the whole fidgety thing. And when I don’t read, I get cranky. I make sure to read for at least a little while every day. My husband and the tortoises make sure of that. 🙂

  15. Fidgety? No, but I do over think things sometimes. That can put me in a state. Like you said it’s best to write. I always feel better when I write. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  16. I get fidgety sometimes. It’s usually when something is out of balance and revolves around not reading enough or not writing enough. It sounds like you are making progress with things, though, and those are great exercise goals! Happy New Year!

  17. I’m still catching my breath after the holidays too.

    I feel terrible because I’ve had Thanmir War for a year and haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m sorry! I loved This World Bites and will be reading Thanmir War next. I didn’t do as much reading last year but plan to do more this year.

    Keep your head up. You’re a great writer!

  18. Hi, Loni,

    NO, you don’t suck… Like you, many people just don’t have the time to read. I know I haven’t read a book in many months. Oh, I started a few, but never finished. Fidgeting myself with life and so many other things.

    THANKFULLY, you write! I wish I could. My mind is so bogged with LIFE…and now a new puppy is occupying my every second. Poor little guy had a shot today and is in pain. Won’t let me touch him at all. He squeals and nips… The vet says he should be fine by tomorrow. I hope so. I can’t bear the thought of him in pain. More worries for this dad..

    You’re a super determined lady, and you will work it out. HAPPY 2016!

  19. I’m a bit nervous about my current WIP. I feel like it’s going off on tangents that will make the story confusing. Happy New Year.

  20. I think your plans for 2016 (exercising and writing) sound organized and very doable. Fidgety? I don’t think I get fidgety… Frustrated, grumpy, depressed, envious, optimistic, determined, and hopeful maybe, but not fidgety. LOL! Good luck on writing ISTO. 🙂

  21. I feel like you: “Maybe I’m not good enough?” But that’s a poisonous road leading nowhere. Let’s forget it together. Let’s say instead: “We can do better.” Right? Right!

  22. Fidgety for sure. Good way of putting it. I feel I’ve rushed back into blogging after my holiday hiatus where I put aside the writing! I feel fresh with that and am ready to get started again. The two February blogfests will help! I feel so much hope out there in the blogging/writing community for success in 2016! I wish you every success! And I hope you get back to reading. I’ve read so many books already! Inspirational!

    Denise 🙂

  23. Oh yea, I’m so very fidgety, even now with a cold.

  24. Reading great books always helps me feel better somehow. Your books surely don’t suck. I think there is just a huge amount of self-published fiction out there these days and marketing does matter. Maybe contact some book bloggers for reviews? Host a book birthday?

  25. Can’t please everyone. Some will say you suck, some won’t. Nature of humans. Ignore and don’t worry, be happy and not fidgety lol sales are a pain to get no matter what you do. I’ve given marketing a big screw you this here, just going to write away, to hell with the rest lol

  26. Emma Adams

    I get fidgety and jump between projects a lot sometimes. I always get those days where I second guess everything, but usually the best thing to do is to keep writing!

  27. I think my husband would say I am fidgety all the time. Maybe we just have too much nervous energy?

  28. cathrina constantine

    Happy New Year, Loni!! I’m extremely fidgety when I think about book sales.

  29. I’ll bet someone will find that fidgeting is a productive form of exercise. If they don’t we’ll just say it is. Happy New Year.

  30. It’s that feeling that I should be doing something, but then there are so many things on my to do list that I feel overwhelmed and fidgety. Your problem must be in the marketing because they are good books.

    I’m hating marketing. I’m thinking I’m just going to become a bum writer and enjoy my life.

  31. Sandra Cox (@Sandra_Cox)

    ‘Not selling because I suck.’ Been there, done that thought regularly:)
    Seriously though, the market is saturated.
    Promo….I suck at that too. But 2016 is a new year:)
    Thanks for taking the time to come buy and give me well wishes:) Much appreciated.

  32. Sandra Cox (@Sandra_Cox)

    Oops, I think that ‘buy’ must have been an authorian slip. grin.

  33. I don’t think of myself as fidgety, but I will confess to feeling “restless”. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming, especially when it starts affecting my focus. You have a good handle on things…continuing to write is smart. I’m sure it will pay off for you. Wishing you the best of luck in 2016.

  34. I plan to write an autobiography called The Fidget King… it’ll be huge 🙂

    But, what if I can’t te– etc, etc:)

    Here’s to your current projects continuing, Lori, and finding the time to unfidget yourself back to the writing device 🙂

  35. My ending to 2015 has been strange, but that’s another topic for another time. As for so far this year, I thought it was going to be nice and quiet, but it lulled me into a false sense of security and now I’ve hit the ground running again. Good or bad, only time will tell.

    And don’t start thinking that you suck. Trust me, I did and I let it take over for too long. Keep on writing. Write what makes you happy. I can’t talk about sales as I haven’t published anything yet, but I’m sure they will come – maybe with a little more marketing. I’ve read part of Thanmir War and I really like it so far.

    As for resolutions, I try not to actually make them anymore because I’m only amazing at failing them. Though I do plan to read more this year. I got so bogged down reading this past year to critique that I didn’t read to enjoy and what I did try to enjoy, I was critical on.

    And fidgety…I do when I’m nervous about something.

  36. Maybe the fidgets is due to having so many things to do, so many ideas, so many exciting possibilities, that it’s hard to concentrate on one thing? Because… no matter what anyone tells you, or what you read, we cannot multitask.

    Remember to have fun! And Happy New Year!

  37. You don’t suck, Loni! I fidget too. Only mine is OCD, which used to help me stay organized. My goals for this year are the same as last year and the year before. I can’t remember what they are. LOL. Oh, right, finish ms #6. I’d stay and talk, but I best get to it. Hope you have a wonderful 2016!

  38. That Sworkit looks fairly awesome. I am doing 15 minutes of power-intervals 3 times a week and it seems a similar idea (based on my no-sound visit to the website, but whatever). Just a mish mash of super hard but very brief stuff. And I hear you on stuff not selling. I am a terrible marketer. I intend to get better but feel like that needs to happen out of the gate with something new.

  39. Fidgety isn’t all bad. In trying to cure your fidgets, you often find something interesting. I definitely get fidgety when I haven’t been reading, too, though. There’s something soul-soothing about losing myself in someone else’s story. I lose myself when I write, too, but it’s a different feeling than “lost in a book” by someone else.

  40. You don’t suck! You are a very talented writer! But I completely understand that insecurity. I think we all go through it at times. We’re too hard on ourselves!!

    Sure, I get fidgety. I get fidgety when I have so much to do and not enough time to do it. Or when I desperately want to write but I can’t seem to squeeze in hardly any time during the day and then I’m too tired at night. Fidgetiness is normal, I think! So, you’re normal! 🙂

  41. I’m with ya on the “moving more”, especially after learning to cook Indian, where every recipe starts with a stick of butter and a pound of coconut milk:) Now go kick some literary ass this year!

  42. Squirrels are supposed to be fidgety, so don’t you worry about it.

  43. It’s rare that I’m not fidgety, so I know the feeling. I’ve been using the 7 minute workout app for a few months and I feel a lot healthier.

  44. My new year’s been quite good so far. ^_^ I think I know what you mean about the fidgeting, though. I’ve been querying, and every week that goes by without me hearing back from anyone (even a rejection) has me wondering if this book is doomed to being trunked like all the others. But I promised myself that I’d just keep going, so I will.

    …despite feeling nervous sometimes when I check my inbox. >_<

  45. I definitely get fidgety a lot! I often feel like there are so many things left undone or unwritten. I understand what you mean about having an ending in mind but not knowing how to get there. Good luck with your writing this year!

  46. Squirrels always scamper here and there…it’s part of their cuteness, their charm…so fidgety doesn’t have to be a bad thing, does it?
    Happy New Year, Loni! 🙂

  47. As long as you’re writing you’re doing the most important thing. I find it very hard to believe your writing sucks. And I do hear that more books = more sales = more visibility. But yeah, it’s what to do before you have more books. I’m going to try some more marketing this year like promotion spots. But lack of reading could be your main fidget. That’s my fuel. I’m always inspired to be as good as or better than a great book I’ve read.

  48. i feel antsy sometimes too – and insecure about sales… but i love your attitude about it all – shove aside the insecurities and keep writing!

    here’s to scratching the itch in 2016!

  49. Not as busy writing as I should’ve been, but I have gotten things done so far.

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