Cycles of Creativity

I love writing. Every day, bits and pieces of my stories work their way onto the computer screen. Maybe it’s book two. It might be book three. On a rare occasion, I discover details about book four and how it ties to the others.

I jump around a lot.

But what about the rest of the time, when I can’t focus because my daughter is chatting or my son wants attention? That’s where my projects come in. And, like my writing, I can’t foresee my next focus.

What will it be this week? Photography? Sewing? Some useless experiment that looks cool and fascinates me even more than my kids? I’ve always got something going on.

Exhibit One: Digital Painting

A while ago, I decided to teach myself how to digitally paint. I got as far as a sketch before I switched gears to something else. But this weekend, I got back to it and got some color down.

Digital Painting WIP

For a first attempt, it’s not too shabby, though not without issues. I showed my husband my progress and his first question was, “why is he orange?” Eh. I was aiming for metallic bronze. It wasn’t until I merged some of the layers that I realized GIMP had a blur tool, which might’ve helped to smooth out the shading. Ah well. The bridge of the nose needs some tweaking, and I just started the lips this morning. That left (the guy’s right) eye is bugging me too.

I hope to finish the lips by next week. For my next painting, I’ll choose a better angle for the face.

Exhibit Two: Lost Toy Adventures

As I started my run with my sis-in-law this past Saturday, I found a tiny figure lying on the sidewalk outside my house. I’ve since dubbed this toy Hero Guy, though his name is Harvey. It started with a few pictures inside my office.

Hero Guy conquers Mount Gear

Hero Guy crosses Barometer Bridge

And he’s been traveling with me since.

I have many adventures planned for this little lost toy. Hopefully, I can get his story out in pictures before my interests switch gears again. 🙂

Do you find your interests jumping around a lot? What are all the creative ways you enjoy exploring?

P.S. Thank you for all the hugs and appreciation last week. It was well needed.

Loni Townsend

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19 thoughts on “Cycles of Creativity

  1. I tend to jump around on my writing a bit. Not sure where the pieces will fit in the grand scheme of things, but I have something to play with. That and occasionally jumping into a side story sometimes helps me iron out relationships between characters.

    As for other endeavors: photography, sewing, chain-mail jewelry (when I have enough supplies), and I attempt some needle crafts, but I get bored pretty quick with that and move on. Really want to get back to cosplaying again. I wish I could draw, but even my stick figures hate me.

  2. My interests used to jump around more, before I had 4 kids. I was always torn between music (writing, performing), art (sketching), and writing. These days I’m totally focused on one hobby or else nothing gets done.

  3. I jump around with my hobbies. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, ’cause we learn and experience more.

  4. I like Hero Guy. You could have fun taking pictures of him all over town.
    I have my music of course. Plus my iPad Pro, which is a dream to draw on.

  5. Loving your digital work. I think he’s a rather dashing fellow. Well done! I don’t have the patience to mess around with artwork. Basically, I suck at it! But I do get creative with my music and am fiddling around with melodies and backing sounds for a book trailer. That’s a lot of fun. I also have a new found passion for photography. I’m not very artistic about it – I just snap away but I love it and that’s what counts. I really like your new friend! Have a great week, Loni!

  6. I used to have a lot more interests. But it’s mostly just jumping stories and gaming now.

  7. My interests do jump around a lot. Maybe I just like getting distracted when my focus becomes too narrow and that’s probably a bad thing where it comes to getting things finished. I’m going to be posting about creativity coming up on Monday.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  8. Hero Guy cracks me up!

    Right now, I’m learning the basics of cooking and having a blast, and I hope to get back into some form of art soon.

  9. I love the idea of adventures w/Hero Guy! Very creative. It’s always good to branch out to other creative outlets, definitely always helps me when I’m in a rut. Or even if I’m not! =)

  10. I totally lack focus. I’ll high five you there!! On the bright side- I am NEVER bored.

  11. I get far more excited about some experiments than my son too! I don’t have as many hobbies as I did before I had a kid. Just not enough time. I’m one of those folks that are never bored either. Have a terrific weekend!

  12. Jumping around can be fun. Just go where your writing brain takes you.

    Digital painting? Wow. That’s neat! You’re so talented. I can’t believe how real it looks!

  13. I think Hero Guy is one of the Spartans from the Halo games, but I’m not sure. He looks cool trying to find his way around your office, though. ^_^

    As for jumping around, I don’t know. I used to do some video work, just making fan stuff, but I kind of fell out of it a few years ago. Writing is my only creative work these days. It’s enough, though. ^_^

  14. What fun to have a lost toy to play with! Great idea. As to jumping around. . . that gets me into all kinds of messes, but I love it. I can’t stick with just one project. I have to dabble in a few at the same time.

  15. I completely understand what you mean by “jumping around.” At least your hopping seems to be more in line with the same series. LOL

    I love that you’re exploring digital painting. I recently signed up for Photoshop and have been asking my Fiancee to help me understand all the tools. It’s such a powerful platform, I don’t think I’ll ever understand it all, but I do appreciate it, and have discovered fun new tricks. 🙂 Keep at it! Can’t wait to see what else you dream up.

  16. Yay! I love digital painting. I don’t know about GIMP, but if they have anything close to “burn” and “dodge” it will make your life so much easier. 😀

  17. This is totally me! I always have series of unfinished projects, but sadly I don’t get back to as many as I’d like. Right now, I have a purse to be sewn, some kumihimo and finger weavings to finish, plenty of digital photos to sort into folders, and I have some new artist tiles and Micron pens to try some zentangles 🙂

  18. I am constantly jumping from one project to another. And I don’t find it enjoyable or fun, I find it irritating. I wish I could stick with one project through to the end without interruptions but that’s just not how my life is right now. BTW, I love Hero Guy!!! ?❤️

  19. P.S. Your photographs and digital drawings are amazing.

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