Racing Like A Rabid Squirrel

As you might’ve guessed by my previous posts, it’s been a month of doing stuff. Since I’ve already regaled you of my leap from an airplane, I won’t rehash that. But hey, look! I’ve got pictures! Hopefully they don’t make anyone sick.

Stepping Out

The Horizon

Enjoying The Fall

Wine GrapesI mentioned running a 5K. The Ultimate Wine Run was set in a scenic local vineyard (actually the same vineyard my best friend got married in). Thankfully, the day wasn’t too hot. My sis-in-law and I finished in 35 minutes. No, not a great time for anything competitive, but we hadn’t practiced on unpaved roads or uphill, so it wasn’t too shabby for us. We’ve since added running in a nearby national reserve to help prepare for future events. Sights from Sawtooth Winery

PaintingMy BFF and MeMy best friend and I took Friday night off from the kids to zen out with Paint Nite. The artist within me had qualms with the results of my painting, but the mantra they made us repeat before starting said we weren’t allowed to be critical of our work. So here I am, not complaining that the reflection of the rocks wavers with the water, but the bamboo doesn’t…


Meanwhile, in family life, my son started preschool. Yay! Except for the fact that the bus didn’t pick him up the last two days. Nothing like begging your boss to take off from work early two days in a row just so your son doesn’t miss his first days at school. Oy. But on an up note, I managed to get a haircut, refresh my hair color, and write 1,000 words on Murder Most Fowl. Still, someday, I hope to use my vacation time for actual vacation.

Speaking of Cera (the main character of MMF), I’ve added a song to her playlist. Granted, it doesn’t apply to MMF or any of the Cera Chronicles because I’d place it before the series starts. It encapsulates the rough and disorienting start of her journey (having everything she thought she was supposed to be crumble before her) to the transition to her embracing life on the “road” and building her confidence. My friend Dani doesn’t like the sound, but I love the unique style.

Take It From Me by KONGOS. (Note, some might consider a couple of the outfits in the video risque, in case that bothers anyone.)

Also on the writing front, I finished and submitted a short story to an anthology. Now I’m crossing my fingers to see if it’ll be accepted. My spirits were bolstered by the fact my husband read this story (first thing of mine he’s actually read), and he liked it! But even if it doesn’t make the cut, a friend said it would be a good fit in one of her future compilations.

That’s a rundown of most of what I’ve done lately. I’ve got other events coming up, such as Indie Author Day (brought to my attention by the wonderful Jei Jackson) in October where I might speak on a panel about getting feedback and starting a critique group. Then there’s Whiskey and Words coming up in November where I get to team up with Troy Lambert, Sherry Briscoe, and Renee Settle to hopefully bring people an enjoyably unique night.

Despite everything going on, I think I’ve finally gotten my feet beneath me and I’m ready to go blog-visiting once again. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to catching up!

Have you had much going on in your life lately? Have you ever tried painting in a social setting? Do you enjoy running? Got any writing projects going on?

Loni Townsend

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27 thoughts on “Racing Like A Rabid Squirrel

  1. Love the pics… Well my life is not as exciting as yours, but I’m working on a short for an anthology as well and recently entered a contest. So I’m writing and that always makes me happy.

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  2. I’m finally slowing down and trying to get back to blogs and books. My events aren’t nearly as exciting as yours! Way to jump from a plane- you go girl!

  3. What fun and exciting adventures you’ve been having (some less fun, but let’s not dwell) Life here is chaotic and tiring. I have painted in a social setting (college classes count, right?)

  4. I’m tired just reading that!
    Running through a vineyard would be fun.
    I think your painting looks great.
    And cool you got your husband to read something you wrote!

  5. First thing of yours he’s actually read??? Seriously?

    Well, to be fair, there’s some of my stuff my wife hasn’t read, either. I have to go throw a veto list these days before she reads anything: “Do any children die in this? Yes? Then I’m not reading it.” She got quite pissed at me for the opening chapter of Hell Comes to Hogtown. :-/

    Congratulations on your race and your painting! And once again for surviving your fall from great heights!

    • Actually, if I had audio versions of all my books (professional ones, not just a computer reading) he’d have read all my stories by now.

  6. I did the Idaho Wine Run a few weeks ago, but it was on the Boise Greenbelt this year, so not nearly as cool as running out in wine country. I also made it to Silver Creek Plunge for a first time and am headed there again this weekend. Burgdorf has much hotter water though 😉

  7. I would love to jump out of a plane. I’ve been indoor skydiving and it was such a thrill.

    I’m participating in the library Indie Day. I guess technically I’m an indie. I’m still taking all of the other book published by DLP.

  8. The internet ate my earlier comment. So let’s try again at nighttime. Going out and doing stuff can be a lot of fun and sometimes turning off our inner critique can open us to new things without any nitpicking. Congrats on submitting and hopefully you get picked. Cool you have a back up plan ready though. 🙂

  9. I still don’t want to sky dive, but 5k runs and painting classes are fun! I had similar feelings about my first painting, especially since I took a picture next to my best friend who did her trees really well. My trees looked too stiff and rigid. But it’s ok, we signed up for my second one in October and there are no trees in it 🙂
    I hope that your son is enjoying preschool! And good luck with your anthology entry!

  10. Hey, you finished a story. That’s definitely reason to celebrate.

    I used to enjoy running, but my knees eventually told me I had to stop. That’s okay, I guess. Running just takes time away from writing.

  11. Oh my gosh, Loni. My life is so terribly boring in comparison to yours. So, um, yeah…I walk. Does that count? And I play Pokemon Go while I do it, so there is that, right? That’s kind of an art. Maybe. Kinda, sorta. There are images involved. Okay, fine. That’s a stretch. But hey, I did manage to get a ton of writing done the last few days, so there’s that. 😉

  12. You sure have been busy, haven’t you? Love the skydiving pictures and that picture is cool. Haven’t painted anything in years.

    With me, it’s mostly same old. But there’s a facebook event that I’m in. Scared AF that I’m going to screw up, but hopefully, I can push through that.

  13. Now that I’ve seen those pics, I don’t have to go jump out of a plane myself. (Yeah, like that was going to happen anyway!)

    Sounds like you’re enjoying life – keep going! 🙂

    Fingers crossed for your story….

  14. I think your painting turned out great! Well done on submitting a short story to an anthology and fingers crossed you get accepted.

  15. Great photos! That first one is a doozy. I’m not too much into running, but I like to walk. I find it’s a good way to clear my head. Paint Nite sounds like fun, and I think your painting turned out fine. Congrats on your writing progress and good luck with your short story!

  16. So much fun stuff going on in your life! Great job on your writing progress and yay for preschool! I’m prepping for my double release month next month. Yikes!

  17. A wine run and paint nite sound like so much fun. I definitely need to get out more.

    Good luck with the anthology!!!!

  18. That’s so much going on, I’m not surprised you haven’t been blogging! I’ve bungee jumped and would still like to do a sky dive one day. The paintings look great. Best of luck with the anthology and events!

  19. That’s awesome you went skydiving! And 35 minutes for a 5k sounds good to me. It’d probably take me an hour to go that far. I’m such a slow runner. Good luck with the anthology!

  20. Glad to have you back, Loni! Those are great pics. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve always been curious about those Paint Nights. How does everyone end up turning out such amazing paintings? No one’s invited me to one yet, but I’d definitely go.

    I hate running, but as a kickboxer/boxer, it’s a necessary evil. Nothing else like it for getting your cardio up.

  21. Now that’s life and living it! Way to go. I never take time off like that, but I probably should on occasion. (People on facebook probably think that’s a lie because we do jaunt over to Universal Studios as a family regularly.) Here’s some cement for your shoes, eh?

  22. Wow, I’m so impressed that you went skydiving! I’ve always talked about wanting to go, but lately I’m not so sure anymore. Looks like a cool experience though!

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of running through a vineyard! I think that would be way more fun than running on pavement!

  23. Love the skydiving photos; reminds me of when I went. ^_^ And I think it’s awesome that you’ve found a song that fits a character. I tend to look for music that suits an entire project, but trying to find character songs sounds like it could be an interesting thing to try.

  24. You’re crazy. But I knew that. LOL

    My life is a hot mess. Things are finally slowing down a little bit.

    Good luck with your writing. 🙂

  25. Sarah

    Awesoeme few weeks! (Excuse the typos…haivng technical difficulties.) Teh wine run looks amazing. I’d probably be inside doing a tasting indtead. Your painting is gorgeous. Forgot the bamboo. I do see that… Hmm. I probably wouldnt have noticed it. The only paint nite I’ve ever done is ewith my kids and it was at an ice cream place. We painted…wait for it…ice cream. Yeah. Glad to see you back here. Hope I haven’t messed or missed…ugh…any psots. 🙂

    I’m having tgrouble even preassing the POST COMMENT button here. I can’t stand typos. Breathe…

  26. Compared to your life mine seems pretty dull these days. My heart condition prevents me from running, but I can sit and watch while drinking a glass of wine.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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