Pass Me Another Red Bull Please

Criminitly! I missed IWSG last week. I missed a lot of things last week. Work. Sleep. Sanity.

It started the week of Thanksgiving. I got a sore throat, cough… you know, the usual stuff that comes with a cold. Things improved, and then on came the fevers. Shivering. Sweating. Freezing. Burning. I spent a few miserable days in bed, and it migrated to my daughter. She got the fever, and after three days of that, she was better. I thought, hey, I’m in the clear! Twenty-four hours of fever free, that means everyone’s good to go back to school and work.

Then Saturday arrived. Around dinner time, my son was sluggish and starting to burn up. I mean, really hot. The thermometer registered at 104.8. Cue parent freak-out. After dosing him with fever-reducing medicine, I kept a watchful eye, checking his temperature every half-hour to make sure he was okay. Sunday, we stayed in. Monday, he missed school. Tuesday, I noticed a rash.

The pediatrician gave me the diagnosis–strep throat and scarlet fever.

Now, let’s back up to Saturday again. My husband was making me tea because my throat was sore and I was coughing still. Due to an unfortunate distraction, the boiling water didn’t make it into the cup, and instead, got him. Fingers, knuckles, and the backside of his hand–BURNED. It was a hard night Saturday, with him resting his hand in cold water and bathing it with ice.

Weakened as the flesh was, it couldn’t defend itself against the tiny nick of my son’s fingernail Sunday night. What should’ve been a scratch turned into a flesh-eating bacterial infection of disgusting proportions.

So by Wednesday, most everyone was on antibiotics to fight off this raging case of strep in both throats and fingers.

Now let’s add in the flu. While I was home tending to the kids, after fighting my own battle with strep and a cold, my immune system was compromised, and I got the flu. It’s killed any and all writing productivity. It’s also killed my exercise and healthy eating habits too. That and a messed up wrist which prevents me from stably lifting weights and also means I can’t do push-ups. And it sucks trying to even carry pots from the stove to the sink. The most I’ve been able to do creatively is a bit of drawing.

I hope you’ve had a much healthier and far less stressful four weeks than I have. I’m making the rounds to visit everyone, and this time, I think I can actually do it, unlike my previous promise to do so.

How have you been? Got any recommendations for HIIT that doesn’t include using your wrist? Are you ready for this year to be over?

Loni Townsend

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20 thoughts on “Pass Me Another Red Bull Please

  1. I’m not ready for this year to be over–I want to go back and start it all over again.

    Sorry to hear about all the illness at your house. Now with our kids all grown and gone we’ve got no one to share our sicknesses with except each other. My wife brings the bugs home from her kindergarten students and passes them on to me and that’s where it ends thank goodness.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Oh goodness. I hope all of it has passed and everyone is on the mend.

    Been a bit crazy around here for me, but nothing compared to your chaos.

    As for exercises: air squats, lunges, bike (just don’t use the handlebars if it’s an Assault bike), run, jumping jacks, plank on elbows… those are the few I can come up with quickly. Oh, and box jumps. I’ve got some other ideas, but it depends on what equipment you have and how comfortable you would be switching up stuff.

    I’d say I’m ready for this year to be over, but looking at next year already it’s gonna be a bit crazy.

  3. Ouch, hope you guys are feeling much better. Wishing a blessed and beautiful holiday without sickness.

    • PS I love your header picture.

  4. Eeek. That’s awful. I hope everyone’s on the mend.

    And, you totally have a pass on eating healthy, exercising, and writing. Seriously. Getting hit that hard? You get a pass until everyone is back to normal. Plus a couple days to get back to the regular routine.

  5. Well poo. What a mess. I sure hope you all are doing better now. It’s been a rough couple of years in your next of the woods. Cheers to a better–healthier–2018!

  6. Wow, that’s like a year’s worth of illness and injury in just a couple weeks. Hope everyone is on the mend and stays healthy through the end of the year.

  7. Love the picture you drew! But, man, it sounds like it’s been rough. *hugs* I hope everyone will be back to normal soon!

  8. Jennifer Koehler

    Oh geez! That all sounds terrible. I’m so sorry. Hopefully you all are done (with illness and mishaps) for the year (maybe even next year!), it sounds like you’ve had more than your fair share. ?

  9. Loni, I am SO sorry you had to go through any of it, let alone all of it. I’m hoping everyone is better now and you guys are back on track. šŸ™‚ You (and the fam) should be planning an amazing vacation because after all the bumps and bruises recently, you deserve it!

  10. What a way for your year to wrap up! I am so sorry that everyone got hit all at once, heck even at all. And your poor hubby getting burned like that while trying to care for you? Poor guy! What a mess. I hope everyone is on the mend! Hugs and healing vibes to all.


  11. Yup. That’s the way it goes – when it rains, it pours. That’s a hellish couple of weeks, though. I, too, am also ready for this year to be over, so I’m in solidarity with you there.

    I hope the worst of the illness has past and you can spend the last two weeks of the year peacefully!

  12. Good grief! Once you’re on a downward spiral, sometimes you just can’t stop. Hope this message arrives as the health issues reverse direction and all of you are well and healed.

  13. Oh, no, what a horrible spell you all are going through. So stressful to be taking care of your family and get sick yourself. I hope everyone is doing better. Take care.

  14. Loni, I am wishing happiness and good health for you and your family for the rest of the year – and for all the years to come. You all need a break! šŸ™‚

  15. After that, I’ll have to say, “I can’t complain.” And smile a lot. I can’t believe that one-after-another shitstorm. Horrible. The scarlet fever must have been wonderful to deal with. I really hope your husband’s hand is healing…nothing permanent. *hands you Red Bull* (Use your OTHER hand.) Healing vibes to all of you.

  16. Gahhh! >_< That's a hell of a lot to deal with all at once, and I'm glad you and your family are all right. I think that makes it more than okay to miss out on some stuff on the internet. Hope everyone heals up well and quickly.

  17. Oh man, that sucks šŸ™ At least things run their course though and start to get better after all the misery. I can say I haven’t had a cold for an entire year, just had to get through that chemo and radiation though.

  18. Wow, Loni, that’s really awful, but it sounds par for the course with 2017. What a miserable, bad luck year. Good riddance, I say!

    I hope you and your family are on the mend and will have a wonderful holiday season. Did you draw the leopard? I love it!

    How about jumping jacks or running in place for HIIT?

  19. Way to end a year. Everything must be looking up. Hang in there. All the best to you and your family. šŸ™‚

    Anna from elements of emaginette

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