Celebrate Another Year

I turned 36 on Saturday. It was a good day. I ate food. A lot of food.

It’s amazing how many places will give a free meal if you sign up with their birthday clubs. Some, you don’t have to sign up, you just need to show up on your birthday and show them your ID. Others might require a small purchase to get your free deal. I cashed in as many as I could on my day.

I had Denny’s (birthday slam breakfast), Tucanos (all you can eat), Smokey Mountain Pizzaria (personal pan pizza), Firehouse Subs (sub sandwich), Baja Fresh (classic burrito), Red Robin (guacamole bacon burger and fries), and a slice of Pie from Shari’s.

I weighed 5 pounds more on Sunday morning, but it was worth it.

We had several different options on how to celebrate my birthday. We could’ve gone to Boise Code Camp or we could’ve gone downtown for Boise Treefort Music Fest. We considered movies and game spots. Honestly, the only thing on my mind was the food. We could do anything, so long as I got my food.

My husband, wonderful man that he is, arranged for me to get a 90 minute massage at a day spa. Oh how I love that man.

I got myself a little birthday present too. It’s been an idea I’ve been toying with since January, but I didn’t want to disrupt my progress with the Colonel’s Challenge so I held off. Since I’m no longer aiming for a target weight for lifting, I modified my routine so that I’m no longer using a bar across my shoulders for squats, that way I’m not pressing against this:

It’s Japanese kanji, with my own squirrel up top. You’re probably wondering, “what does it say?”

Literal translation: Squirrel on the edge of the town

Creative translation: Town’s End Squirrel

It’s not my first tattoo. My other one is: 森 That means forest, and the Japanese word for forest is Mori. If you know the significance of that, you probably know me in person (and you probably know why I detest being called Lori).

Anyways, I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I’m taking April off to get some writing done, so you won’t hear from me until May! Have an awesome time until I see you again.

What’s your idea of a perfect way to celebrate your birthday? If you could design a tattoo, what would it look like?

Loni Townsend

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25 thoughts on “Celebrate Another Year

  1. Jesus, that’s a lot of food! You weren’t kidding.

    I’m glad you ate (and ate and ate…) and that you had a marvelous time doing it! And the tattoo is beautiful! Happy belated birthday!!!

  2. Oh, I hate my birthday. Too many years of screwed up plans. I try my best to make it low key so I’m not disappointed. That helps.

    Cool tattoo. For me… Yeah, no tattoos. I don’t want one.

  3. Add movies to your feast and that would be a great day for me. Although I don’t think I could eat that much.
    Happy belated birthday.

  4. That’s how to celebrate a birthday! Impressive too. 😉 Pretty tattoo and i love the squirrel on top! But now I’m curious why someone would call you Lori. Misreading the n?

  5. My birthday was last month and I spent it eating all sorts of things I hadn’t been eating since January first. And it was also wonderful!

  6. Wow, you go, girl! Way to score the free birthday feast. I had no idea so many restaurants had giveaways.

    I love the squirrel at the top of your tattoo. Someday, I’d like to get an ocean scene around my ankle.

  7. Happy belated birthday! As for tattoos, I’m sticking with words. At some point in future, there are more words I want to add to my body, all using the same font as my Resilient tattoo on my upper back. I’d also like to get a dragonfly tattoo over my chemo port scar once I get that taken out, but I’ll have to wait at least six months to do so while the skin settles down.

  8. Happy belated birthday! Love the squirrel on the top of your tattoo and your feast-o-rama. I had no idea that you could get free birthday meals at so many places.

  9. Great tattoos – even if I don’t have any…yet. Food + food **** I’ve now got some ideas for my birthday. Plus thinking of going to the Treefest next year. [Do you want to be called ‘Mori’ now…or Squirrel?]

    • You can call me Loni, though I will respond to Risu, which is Japanese for squirrel. I just grew up with people misreading my name, so I get a little cranky about it sometimes. Every school year, I had to point out to my teacher that it was an “n” not an “r”.

  10. What a cool tattoo! Perfect for you. I laughed at your birthday freebies and treats. How fun and definitely sounds worth the few extra pounds. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday – you deserve it.

  11. What a fun birthday! And yeh for great husbands! 🙂

    Love the tattoo! So creative.

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday! You really scored on the restaurant birthday deals. I think I got five or so and that was pretty good.

    I don’t know about the tattoo, but I never got into them. My daughter is getting ready to get another tattoo and I think it has something to do with me and juggling. She’s being rather mysterious about it all.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  14. Happy belated birthday! I can’t believe how much food you were able to eat. I’m very impressed. I also love your tattoo. I’m also sporting a few myself and still want to get more, just not sure what and where. Probably something to do with my recovery though.


  15. I have yet to take advantage of all the free food you get on your birthday.

    Happy Belated, by the way.

    And you ink is fantastic.

  16. Other than going out to eat or maybe seeing a movie, my best birthday celebration would involve having my first published book show up in the mail. Gotta finish the manuscript before that happens though. Damn niggling details.

  17. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday. And happy birthday, late. I could totally see my brother in law going place to place for free birthday meals. LOL. Me, not so much. I pick my favorite place and land.

  18. Brilliant tattoo!! Happy birthday too. 🙂

  19. Eating is good. You’ll just have to do a few more squats and those extra birthday pound will vanish! Love the tattoo.

  20. That was quite the awesome celebration. Love the tattoo!

  21. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Wow. Your tattoo is amazing. I always admire tattoos down the middle of the back, but my back is not pretty, and with my spine (surgery) it would be too painful. I hope it heals well. 🙂

  22. Beautiful tattoo. I have never gotten one because if I ever did, I’d want it to be meaningful and personal- like yours and I’ve never thought of anything.

    I was curious about the Lori too, but I found the answer in the comments. You don’t even look like a Lori! Though not that a Lori has a look…

  23. So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Love that tattoo! I’ve always wanted one, but I could never think of something I want on my body forever.

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