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I’m late to the game, but there’s this thing people do called “building aesthetic boards on Pinterest.” My friend Dani introduced me to the concept and then another email pal sent me links to her own aesthetic boards. I have to admit, there’s a certain charm to putting pictures together to create a feel, so I figured I’d try my hand at it.

I created a Character board with sub boards for my four POVs that I’m working with in Isto. Apparently the widget doesn’t let you link to just sub boards, so all of my different characters are mashed together, displayed with my latest pins first. But since their POVs eventually intertwine, I suppose I’m okay with it. I think if you actually go to Pinterest, it’ll let you drill down to the sub boards so you can see which images I picked for each character.

I never got the hang of Pinterest for marketing (and I still have no idea how that would even work), but as a consumer of visuals, I do like poking around the app in my spare time. I hunt down recipes, pose references for sketching, tutorials for digital painting, and even tips on how to draw maps. It sure beats having an exorbitant amount of bookmarks that I forget to return to, since I can just pull it up on my phone and they’re already grouped how I want them.

Have you heard of this aesthetic trend before? I know other people build collages with the same intent, but I avoid using other people’s images without explicit permission so I went the Pinterest route. Plus that’d take extra software beyond my phone. Sure, it might not be a productive use of time, but I am one to indulge my creative habits, especially if I’m just waiting on my kids to get their shoes on so we can go.

Are you on Pinterest? Have you ever built any aesthetic boards/collages for your work? What other venues do you use to express your creative impulses?

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16 thoughts on “Aesthetics on Pinterest

  1. Not on Pinterest but I’ve heard other authors talk about creating boards for their work.

  2. I have a Pinterest account for several years now. Started it for fun and found it addictive as I also like visual. Its great for recipes too. Yes, I have built boards but did not really think about it in that way. Have not done any for my writing but do have a broad for my website.

  3. *cringe* I do have a Pinterest account but I’m never on there and really should delete it. I have no idea what I’m doing on there or how to use it in any beneficial way. Not only have I not built an aesthetic board but I’ve never heard of it. So…I guess that means I’m not even in the game, never mind late to it. This does sound interesting, though.

    • I remember you telling me about your Pinterest woes. It’s great for idea gathering if you like looking at pictures, but yeah, if that’s not your thing, then it probably doesn’t provide much use. I can get lost looking at the different sketches for just the right dynamic pose to try out for my characters. The latest weird thing I’ve been fascinated with is digitally enhanced eyes. Some are fantastic and some are just plain creepy.

  4. I AM on Pinterest and I haven’t heard of it. But it’s a good idea, I think!

  5. I’m later than you, Loni. I haven’t heard of this but it sure is appealing. Thanks.

  6. I have boards for all of my books and my stories in process. It’s so easy to find great images there.

    John Kremer did a seminar recently about how to use Pinterest to Market and drive traffic to your site. He says the advantage of Pinterest is that images are there forever for someone to find, whereas things get buried on Twitter and Facebook.

  7. I have never heard of an aesthetic board. Interesting concept. I am on Pinterest, but I mostly collect pins of knitting and crochet. With the occasional recipe that looks like something I might want to try.

  8. Oh nice! I’ve been on Pinterest for years, but it’s mostly where I pin recipes I never get around to making 🙂

  9. I used to do more with Pinterest, but stopped a while back due to lack of decent internet connectivity. I’ve just created a new account and started playing around with it. Off to check out your boards.

  10. Interesting! I have a Pinterest account though I haven’t done much with it the last several years. I used to be really into it, but that was before this aesthetic board trend. It was mostly crafts and clothes and nailpolish then, LOL!

  11. I use Pinterest for a few character ideas, but not in such a creative way.

  12. For my WiP, I have pics on the bulletin board in my office – most of them represent more of the “feel” of the story and the characters rather than exact representations. I usually try to look at it before I get down to writing.

  13. I’m not on Pinterest but I have heard of using them for aesthetics. I did one for Twitter (using all public domain work). They’re fun but a lot of work.

  14. I haven’t heard of that trend, but I found Pinterest great for marketing–it drove a high percentage of traffic to my website before they began blocking my site because of a technical SNAFU. So it does work, at least for those who write spooky posts like me.

  15. I have an old Pinterest account that I haven’t used in years but I have been thinking about deleting it and starting fresh. I actually just attended a Pinterest for Writers webinar that was kind of intriguing although I think I would be lost on the aesthetic board. Your board is awesome!
    Anyway I might give it another try, I’m looking for something new to shake up my routine.

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