Covering Myself #CoverReveal

You are all the greatest. When it comes to writing, my bravado is a lot bigger than I actually feel. The truth is, I’m terrified that people are going to hate my stuff. The fact that people actually volunteered to beta-read for me…

Thank you. I’m honored.

Since this isn’t IWSG week, I won’t dwell on my insecurities. Instead, let’s talk about covers!

Now if I were a good marketer, I’d probably arrange a big event to flood the bloggoverse with my cover, but I’m not and I didn’t. So this grand cover reveal is because I enjoy sharing.

I do the thing people recommend not doing and create my own book covers. I’m not a professional graphic designer and I don’t offer services. Everything I know has been through testing through various audiences and getting feedback. But I am rather pleased with my creations. I’ve created all the covers for the big books and have them squirreled away for when the books are actually finished. And here is Isto:

I wanted to go for a theme. The parameters: stone the color of the elemental clan, and the clan symbol in distress. Thanmir War, which you can see in the side bar, is represented by the Earth Clan. Tagline: The Earth Clan has declared war and a landscaper is at the dead center of it. Their color is green, symbol is the tree.

Now, I don’t expect anyone outside of the know to pick up on my theme. I assume most people won’t associate Isto’s cover with the Water Clan. I’m okay with that. I’m telling all of you because that’s what I like to do. 🙂

The Water Clan’s color is blue, and the symbol is overlapping waves. In my obsession to possess a logical reason for my design choices, I created an alternate “peaceful” version.

Seem more watery?

Of course, that wouldn’t go with Isto’s tagline: He saved his wife and condemned his world. But I have big visions of creating a lenticular print (those bumpy cards that show a different image depending on which direction you look at it) that I can use as swag. Okay, mostly swag for myself. I’m still a kid on the inside. I’d totally hang it up on my refrigerator after excitedly showing it off to my husband and children.

Since I am the master of my own covers and possess the power to make edits as I please, feel free to point out anything that looks wrong or other inefficiencies. Like my writing, I need external eyes to tell me where I fall short of the mark. Otherwise, what do you think?

Do you like playing with graphics? Do you ever obsess over your reasons for going with a particular design? If you could have any swag you wanted, what would it be?

Loni Townsend

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23 thoughts on “Covering Myself #CoverReveal

  1. I think it turned out great! And it’s the same style as the first book. Well done.

  2. What a beautiful cover! I am *totes* jealous that you can make something so pretty! And I’m with you – I’m terrible at marketing so my cover reveals end in my blog only!

  3. Anna

    Loved the first cover in the post. I can’t see what you mean in the second but I bet it will be awesome too. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  4. Very clever and talented. I like them, especially the water one. And yes I can see the watery element of the second. Very Nice.

  5. I honestly think you create covers that rival anything a big press comes up with.

    And cool swag is never a waste of time.

  6. That cover is gorgeous. And it goes so well with the first book. (I *need* covers in a series to go together–it’s a thing.) Amazing job.

    I suck at marketing, too, so I feel for you. Don’t know what advice to offer. Maybe set up a blog tour when it’s released?

  7. Love love love your font choice and color. Great contrast! I am a graphic designer and fonts are so key for me. Congrats! You should be proud of your gorgeous work 🙂

  8. It’s a beautiful cover. And swag is so much fun.

  9. I’ve been saying how good your covers are for a long time. They’re the ones that make me the symbolistic style.

    Looking at Thanmir War and the green in the cracks, I wonder if a similar style could be used with Isto in blue.

  10. I really like the cover. It’s eye-catching. The orange and red tones really pull you into it. I’m like you, Loni. Quietly laying the groundwork to release my next book. No tours or announcements. I’m just terrible about that stuff.


  11. That cover is amazing. It stands out and is perfect for the genre. You have a talent. That’s for sure!

  12. The color really pops in the first cover. The font used for your name seems a bit out of place though. I do like to tinker with tweaking photos digitally and would love to take a class someday.

  13. I think your cover looks great! I wouldn’t even know where to begin to design my own. You have a special talent.

  14. Even though I guess it doesn’t quite match the watery theme, I do like the first one with the eye-catching orange and yellow color. It’s a little hard to make out the water in the second one, especially in thumbnail form.

    Those textures and three-dimensionality of those covers are excellent, and way beyond my capability. Kudos for doing your own covers.

    And what makes you think there’s anything wrong with being a kid at heart? Never, ever lose that trait!

  15. The fiery look is striking and attention getting. Very tastefully composed I think.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  16. I like it. I hope you can figure out how to make that bumpy card. That would be cool!

  17. Well done, Loni! I wouldn’t even know where to start – I so wish I was creative in an artistic way. Sigh.

  18. Wow I love it! You are so talented. I always love your creations. I am hopeless when it comes to anything with graphics.

  19. You did a great job on your cover. It is gorgeous and eye catching.

  20. A very eye-catching symbol, Loni. 🙂

  21. That looks fantastic!! It’s really interesting to read about the theme that underlies it. So excited for you 🙂

  22. Mind. Blown. Awesomesauce cover!

  23. Stunning. It’s a fantastic cover!

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