Halfway Through October Already?

October’s been busy for me! At work, we’ve been strengthening our IT relations and that’s include multiple multi-hour meetings. As a programmer, I don’t use many of the systems that the techs or net ops uses, but for the sake of awareness, they want to make sure everybody’s on the same page.

I’m a bit strange with how I absorb information. If I hear it, I can usually retain it. But if I look at it, my brain will usually switch to try to process what my eyes take in and tune out what my ears are getting. So, I draw during the meetings. I’m sure it looks like I’m not paying attention, which probably infuriates the speakers, but the fact is, I am doing my best to get the most out of it.

That leads to my next topic: Inktober.

I heard of it last year and decided to give it a try this year. I tell you, I’m not a fan of ink. It’s unforgiving! I much prefer the texture of pencil, since I don’t know how to shade worth a darn with pen. Plus I can erase pencil. Here’s a selection of a few character sketches I’ve done during the meetings that I haven’t posted elsewhere to social media:


Not my best work, I’ll admit. I’m not sure if I enjoy ink enough to do this next year, but I figured I’d stick it out until the end of the month. Plus, I’ve got more meetings to attend. Here’s one more I did, though it’s digitally enhanced with color. It’s a self-portrait: a squirrel just hanging in there.

Oh, and a final note, don’t forget that FULL DARK is still on sale through the end of the month. Be sure to get your copy and tell other people about it too!

Have you tried drawing in ink? What do you do during meetings? Have you told all your friends about FULL DARK yet?

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16 thoughts on “Halfway Through October Already?

  1. So what do the coworkers sitting next to you think? I’d be so concerned about them looking at what I was doing that I’d never be able to draw anything–that is, assuming I could draw worth a damn in the first place.

    • My coworkers are used to me constantly doodling through meetings and have seen the progression of my art over the years. One guy has a real eye for structure (former architect), so I often show him my work to get pointers as to what I need to fix.

  2. Christine Rains

    Cool drawings! πŸ™‚ Draw in ink? I rarely write out lists in pen! I need to be able to erase things. My brain works much faster than my hands. I can’t believe it’s October already either.

  3. I loved ink! Back in college I was a architect major. What? Lol. It was good for my creative side and my logic side. I was still drawing but with structure and cross hatching. I did develop a skill for it Andy i bet you will too. October is flying! Good luck with all your goals πŸ™‚

  4. Anna

    I’m like you. I have to hear it. So I read aloud a lot, to help with that. Love the drawings. You’ve got skills. πŸ™‚

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  5. I’m usually looking at my iPad or Pro during meetings and yes, I still hear everything that was said as well. I think pen and ink is what I learned on. Unforgiving, but it forces you to do it right the first time.

  6. Work HAS been crazy, right?!? And meetings. Ugg. Hate them so much. But I *have* to pay attention because otherwise I’ll zone out and not remember a word. And whoever is presenting probably doesn’t even notice you doodling. They’re probably focused on their own thing.

    Love the squirrel!!

  7. Interesting. I need to see and hear to get the most out of something. Although, if it’s long and boring, I’d wish I had my knitting.
    (Once I had a girl in class knitting. We were reading something–it was an English class–and when it was her turn, she put down her knitting and read. The other kids in the class gave her a hard time for “not paying attention”. I stuck up for her, for I knew just how much easier it is to focus when one’s hands have some “physical white noise”.)

    • Oh, almost forgot… As of yesterday, it was exactly 10 weeks until Christmas…

  8. I’ve always been a big doodler during meetings. I think it helps me focus better.

  9. I love that middle picture so much! It’s beautiful. I can barely color in pencil, there’s no way I could draw in ink. I admire your talent.


  10. I can’t draw with a pen either. I make too many mistakes that I have to erase. It’d be a mess if I tried Inktober. LOL

  11. When I was in middle school I bought and old-fashioned type ink pen and a bottle of ink. I played around with it some and mostly made messes. Ink can have a tendency to get all over the place if one is not careful.

    Middle of October? That means this year is drawing to an end. It’s all gone by so quickly.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  12. My job is lame, so we don’t have many meetings. When we do, I smile and pretend to listen. I’m actually thinking about my next fish tank or story. Love your doodles. The squirrel speaks to me…

  13. When I first started teaching, students who doodled really annoyed me. Then I realized how it actually helps them focus.

  14. Oh, I love that squirrel! How adorable.

    Thankfully, I no longer have to attend meetings. I’m not sure how I survived all the ones I had to attend. I remember food was usually a big feature of them.

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