Already breaking my rules…

In my first/previous post, I said I was going to avoid putting the details of my book in my blog. I have since changed my mind. In fact, I’ve decided quite the opposite.

Feedback for my writing has been limited to a couple people. I highly value their opinions, but it does narrow the potential improvements I can make. Thus comes two of my projects. First is a focused survey of Thanmir War chapters. Second is blogging Cera Chronicles.

I can’t escape my programming nature, so I have compiled a list of survey questions to help me improve my writing. I’m a n00b, and I know I can’t please everyone, but I can hone my craft to please a greater number of people. What I post on my blog might not be what ends up in my final draft. It depends on the survey as to if further revisions are required.

As for Cera Chronicles, those are certainly going to be first draft material. They are strictly for fun and I hope to get some feedback, either positive or negative. The characters within the Cera Chronicles are from a fantasy genre, but the books are intended to cross genre boundaries. I’ll post chronological segments as blog posts and continue with the same story until the end before starting the next Cera Chronicle story. They are meant to be parodies of popular themes. They are not to be taken seriously. They are first person point-of-view, so don’t confuse Cera with me or vice versa.

I think that is all the update I have at the moment. I better see to putting up my survey!

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