Cera Chronicles – Gritty Crime World – part3

I stretched the flame to ribbons, letting them flutter and float about my swaying hips as I danced. I invoked my other power set, the power of Miasho, to engage the senses. Sensation rippled through the air, unseen but touching everyone with delicate waves of pleasure. The wrinkled man in front loosened his tie and licked his lower lip. As my song drew to a conclusion, I let the fire dwindle and finally extinguish. Silence filled the room before a single pair of hands struck in a slow, rhythmic clap. A shaded gentleman in the back rose from his chair and increased the intensity of his applause. Others joined him and a few chose to press fingers to their mouths and let loose piercing, provocative whistles.

I bowed to my audience and as I returned to stand at full height, the sprinklers turned on, dousing me with water.

Loni Townsend

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