Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a good writer or not. I’ve been told that I am, but I’ve also been told that my characters are wooden and unbelievable, which isn’t good writing.

As I start my trek into plot point one, I find myself rethinking everything that’s on paper (figuratively, since I haven’t printed it in a while). Here is where Derek and MaTisha went askew. I had envisioned Derek as a hothead, but he turned out sensitive and insecure. So trying to make him believable… well, hitting first while flying off the handle just isn’t him anymore. And MaTisha, whooboy, MaTisha… Now that I’ve hit the chapter where she returns as a primary, well, the serious revisions have begun. Story level, not just word choice and phrasing.

I attempt to distract myself by playing around with my website. Note the new header image on my blog and the styling on the Cera page. I think I might do a bit of drawing. I’ll update my long neglected blog. All because I know that this chapter is the make or break.

Today is a state holiday, so I’m off work. I took Kimi to daycare to allow myself some undivided writing time. With a heavy sigh, I look at my chapter again, fearful of what my fingers might type and hope that whatever it is, it is believable and improves the characters.

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