I have heard of writer’s block. A couple of my critique partners have told me they have it. A nasty thing from the sounds of it. Writer’s block isn’t something I’ve struggled with. Probably because I’m a pantser and my story has been bumbling around in my head for 15 years, scratching and clawing its way through my fingertips, desperate to break free.

I reached the halfway mark for NaNoWriMo this morning. Twenty-five thousand words. Almost all of it is from Cameron’s point of view, save for that scraggly bit at the beginning. I won’t say I haven’t been stuck, but I haven’t been blocked. There were a few points where the pace slowed to molasses and the characters trudged forward to a sticky-sweet boredom of doom. But I told myself that I refused to have writer’s block. I would not stand for it.

My solution? Bam! Big hole in the middle of the desert to suck all my characters into a different section and accelerate the plot. It actually flowed a lot better than it sounds (because it sounds freaking awful). At least I think it did. I haven’t gone through to reread what I’ve written. I’m pretty sure there are a few dragging points, a few disorienting transitions, and I may have crossed that line that makes readers say, “Oh look. The monsters are attacking… again.” We’ll see when I finish.

I’ve been good about not inflating my word count. I have an issue with abusing “that” and I’ve deleted all that I’ve noticed as my fingers type. I could have left them in, but I was a good girl and chose not to.

Yesterday’s writing brought on an “Ah-ha!” moment. There is a situation in Thanmir War which remains unexplained. I had a vague idea of what happened (though the character had no clue) and I left it as a mystery to be filled in at a later date. Yesterday, I discovered my answers. It hit me in a flash and I suddenly understood exactly what had happened and how and why. Do not be fooled by the thought that writers dictate what happens in the story. Half the time, I don’t know how everything connects until way down the line. Then things I’ve already written fall into place. Click!

When something like that hits, it’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

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