I decided to join Spotify some time back, but I never really paid much attention to how wonderful a product it actually is. I love music, dance constantly around my living room with my daughter, and have been looking for a decent playlist making system. Well hello! Spotify is great for making a playlist. And the best part? *Bam!* WordPress plugin that let’s me share. How great is that?

*Edit: I guess it only lets me show you my playlists and forces you to install the app. I’m still continuing my search for something that lets me stream.

So here I go again, bombarding you all with my musical influences, this time by book. Some new songs have been added to RotT this month, since it’s been the focus of NaNoWriMo. New Divide is MaTisha and Home is Satch. Oh, I also got the band wrong for Headstrong in my first post. It’s Trapt, not Linkin Park.

Thanmir War

Rise of the Teymir

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