Preparing for April

I have my chronological outline for Isto. Now, I’ve organized my playlist. It has a few new songs on it and a couple of songs have been dropped.

Isto Playlist on Pinterest

Here is the order they were intended to be played in (which isn’t the order they appear on the board):

Dashboard – Modest Mouse (Derhan)
New Divide – Linkin Park (MaTisha)
Headstrong – Trapt (Cameron)
Gypsy – Shakira (LaTonya)
Home – Phillip Phillips (Satch)
Promise – Eve 6 (Derhan)
The Seven Deadly Sins – Flogging Molly (Derhan and the Deities)
Stuck On You – Meiko (Jebaliah)
Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing – The Offspring (Cameron)
Radioactive – Imagine Dragons (Derhan, MaTisha, Cameron)
Sail – AWOLNATION (No particular character, mostly mood)
The Cave – Mumford & Sons (Cameron)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day (Kaio)

I’m still looking for more songs that inspire MaTisha, but haven’t found many to match her.

The big song for me lately is Radioactive, since it’s really the first time I’ve associated one song to more than one character. But the waking fits all three characters in their own way.

More songs might make the list before and during April, while I’m writing. You’ll be able to see the updates via Pinterest if that happens.

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