Jack’s Story

Backstory can sometimes be out of place and unnecessary. When I first conceived Isto, I had planned to dive into the history of each of the guardians with a short little flashback of when they first accepted the choice. Over two years ago, I wrote Nicholas’s, less than 1K telling of his loss and desolation. I think the key word there is “telling”. I briefly gloss over the details, mentioning them but not showing the scenes in which they take place.

I tried to do the same with Jack. Jack interrupted my writing with Isto, demanding that I throw something about him in. It wasn’t appropriate for the chapter I was in (*cough* chapter 1 *cough*), so I started a new section and just let my fingers go. What I had intended to be less than 1K turned into a 16K novella before I was finished. There’s no way in heck any of it is making its way into Isto, since it isn’t important to the plot (not to mention I think the dialect would turn people off), but I refused to stop writing it until I was finished.

I finished it today.

I plan to post it to the website and make it available for download for anyone interested. It’ll have to sit in the “drawer” for a month before it goes online, just to make sure it’s acceptable, but if anyone wants to critique or beta read it, I’m taking offers! Just warning, it is written in dialect, and its not my best work. >_<

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2 thoughts on “Jack’s Story

  1. Don’t you just love it when characters make up their own minds about what’s happening? ^_^

    I’ll take you up on that offer too, though it might take me a couple of weeks to get through.

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