Dreams and Goals

Dare to Dream Big

Dare to Dream Big

I mentioned a while back I was reading Rise of the Machines by Kristen Lamb. One of the chapters tells us to write down our goals: 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, Lifetime.

Now when it comes to books telling me to write down something, I typically don’t do it. I know, it’s a bad habit that stems back from my school days where I ignored the practice examples. But this time, I actually decided to.

Writing out goals is terrifying. I strive to be flexible, roll with the punches, live dynamically and adapt to circumstances. Putting down that I want something to happen within a particular time frame–It seemed like madness.

My self-doubt crept in. That little voice in my brain started accusing me of being unrealistic, of dreaming too big. I’ve always told myself that fame/fortune wasn’t my goal, and honestly it isn’t. I want to write great books that people enjoy reading. Becoming a career writer was never in the plan. And yet…what if?

I wrote out my goals.

They are perhaps not as wildly ambitious as they could be, but more so, I think they’re obtainable. This is all going off of the idea I retain my job as a computer programmer. I debated whether or not to post them publicly, but I suppose you’re more apt to do something when others know about it. So here it is, daring to put myself out there.

What about you? Do you have hopes and dreams?

6 months – (February 2014)
Thanmir War has gained popularity on Amazon and is ranked within the top 100 for Fantasy. Sales through Smashwords, B&N, Sony, and Kobo also roll in, in addition to direct sales from my website and through my personal imprint/the joint publishing company. It has received several positive reviews from readers who heard about it from a friend and decided to pick it up. The first draft of Isto is complete and under revision.

Son is now sleeping for several hours at a time through the night. Daughter loves preschool. Husband’s computer has a shiny new case that he welded together, along with new internal components which don’t fail. The icicles on the waterfall are beautiful.

One Year – (September 2014)
Isto has undergone critiquing and beta-reading, and I’m now talking to an editor for line-editing revisions. The sales from Thanmir War have made a nice supplemental income, and I’ve been able to purchase a Subaru BRZ–dark blue, manual transmission–replacing my bedraggled Mercury. The first draft of Sovereign is almost complete. Cera Chronicles 1: This World Bites makes a splash on the contemporary fantasy Amazon charts, attracting readers that didn’t have the time or disposition for the ninier series. My fanbase has grow to above 100 readers, and that’s not including family and friends who bought my book because they knew me. I blog three times a week with posts people other than other writers want to read. I have also learned how to be witty on social media.

Son is now mobile. Daughter is a strong reader, and is learning how to do addition and subtraction. Her speech skills are on par with other kids. Husband is offered a high-paying job with a company he likes. We’ve been successful sticking to a consistent diet and exercise plan, and have reduced our body fat percentages. We take regular walks after work. The grass on the side of the house has grown in.

Three Years – (September 2016)
Having added Isto and Sovereign to my published works increased my market popularity, adding to my fanbase. My companion novel, Rio, is undergoing revisions. The first draft of Niniers Book 4 is partially written and has a name. Cera Chronicles 2 (Gritty Crime World) & 3 (MMO World) are trending with the younger audiences.

Son is a chatterbox and in preschool. Daughter enjoys first grade and has a good teacher. She and I attend martial arts classes after school. I have great abs. Husband gets a promotion at work. We take a trip to Disney Land.

Five Years – (September 2018)
I am celebrating the release of Book 4 and completion of the Ninier series. The supplemental income from writing continues to grow. Cera Chronicles 4 (Pirates vs. Ninjas world) & 5 (Wild West World) add to the numbers. I’ve started writing the Brockweth series. A traditional publisher offers me a contract for the ninier series. I accept, but only grant print-copy rights and international distribution, keeping e-distribution through my personal imprint.

Son enjoys Kindergarten and has started taking martial arts. Daughter is deciding between dance and martial arts. Husband and I have replaced the front door, some of the windows around the house, and the siding. Our power bill goes down.

Ten Years – (September 2023)
The Brockweth series is complete and published. Cera Chronicles 6 (Space Pirates World) & 7 (Regency Romance World) hit the market. I have a steady and solid fan following, and have a regular blog readership of 1000+ subscribers. I start working on a post-Brockweth contemporary spin-off series.

We’ve just returned from a summer-vacation trip to Japan. Son and Daughter actively participate in fall sports. Husband gets another promotion at work. Our bathroom has been remodeled and the additional living space has proper heating/cooling/ventilation. We’ve also replaced the carpet downstairs. I have my motorcycle endorsement, and Husband and I go cruising together.

Twenty Years – (September 2033)
The Cera Chronicles are complete, and the spin-off series is successful with both new and old fans. Husband and I look forward to retirement in a few years. We’ve set aside enough of the money earned through writing to pay for Son and Daughter’s higher education and fund Daughter’s wedding (should she choose to get married). I continue to produce a book a year.

I open a Ramen Cart in downtown Boise.

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5 thoughts on “Dreams and Goals

  1. I admire your bravery in making your goals public. Whenever I try to define my goals, even ones I make to myself, something comes up to hold me back or re-define. Murphy’s Law has a blast at our house.

    By the way, trying to subscribe by email and gets me this:
    “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”

    • Well that was embarrassing! Thank you so much for bringing that up. The feed should be fixed now. Apparently, it’s been broken for a while. >_< Murphy's Law...yes, we're quite familiar with that. *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping nothing horrible strikes!

  2. ‘Husband and I have replaced the front door, some of the windows around the house, and the siding. Our power bill goes down.’

    Is this due to the marshal arts?
    Hi-YAH! xD

    I love the way you wrote your goals. Great post. 🙂

    • Hehehe, I hadn’t really correlated the martial arts to the door, but now that you bring it up, that’s probably how it’s going to happen. 😀

  3. I’m like you – if a book or someone tells me I should do something, then I immediately don’t want to comply. Having said that, this looks like it was a useful exercise to complete, even if the goals turned out to be unrealistic. Loved the part about opening a ramen cart 🙂

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