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I’ve never fancied myself a good photographer. I had joined Instagram a while back, and then left when they had the wording gaffe that said they would sell our pictures without our permission and we could do nothing about it. Well, they’ve since fixed their wording and–after some prodding from a friend–I rejoined.
I think I’m glad I did.
What I love about Instagram are the filters. Though many pictures come out nice without modification, there’s something nostalgic about looking at it with an Instagram filter. Like fresh baked cookies, running barefoot in the grass, or jumping off a dock into a cool lake on a hot summer day. The memory is there–either in muted tones or high saturation. It’s almost like it’s injecting emotion.
Another app I’ve played with is Snapseed. It’s nice, and I’ve created some creepy, high noise shots with it. It doesn’t have that nostalgic feel, though I’m pretty sure I could capture it if I tried. It’d just take more work, and I find myself sidetracked by the creepy factor using the grunge and drama effects.
Creepy Husband
I also have a Flickr account, but I haven’t felt professional enough to throw anything up on my profile. Flickr, to me, says classy or noteworthy. So far, none of my on-the-fly-phone-camera photographs have met what I’d expect to see on Flickr (nor would I feel confident in their quality to encourage others to use my photographs in blog posts).
purple flower
I use the different apps for different feels. Instagram for nostalgia, Snapseed for atmosphere.
One thing I learned from Rise of the Machines by Kristen Lamb (which I finished, btw) was that people react to emotion, and pictures are a good way to connect. Plus they rank you higher in the search results.

I said I’d give a rundown of what I learned from the book, so here it is: Give more than you take.

It had some very interesting thoughts which should’ve been super apparent to me, but weren’t. Such as if you want to build a readership, blog about stuff readers want to read. They love your books, so they want to be carried away with the same type of story telling, or find out more behind the person who made the characters they fell in love with. Sure, writers are readers too, but for an author platform, sticking to just writing topics is going to limit your outreach. Aim for high concept topics.

So back to photos, do you like unmodified or manipulated better? Do you have a fancy app you like using?

And if you haven’t heard, Melissa Maygrove is having a Follow Fest blog hop coming up on the 23rd. If you’re a writer who wants to network with other writers, it’d be a grand opportunity to sign up and meet others with the same goal.

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7 thoughts on “That Photo Thing

  1. That picture of your daughter is priceless. Did you take her chocolate away?

    • I didn’t give her a second piece of cake. 🙂 She wasn’t very happy about that.

  2. I. Want. To. Hug. Your. Dog.

    I should totally sign up for that blogfest before I forget. Been so fixated on this week’s kissing blogfest that I’ve done so little else.

    • Hehe. She’s a wonderful and loyal dog, but her manners have really degraded since my daughter’s birth. She used to wait patiently for someone to toss her a bit of food she wasn’t supposed to have. Now she just steals it straight out of my daughter’s hand…whether or not my daughter is done eating.

      I read your kissing blogfest post when you posted it. It was pretty steamy. Then I started to wonder, ‘so how does a cat and a horse…never mind.’

      • Aww, what a naughty pup. And that’s a face I’d have a hard time getting grumpy at.

        Thanks for popping over. I keep getting that same question from my other half even though I tell him Jarend’s kind can go from four legs to two. Comes in handy for numerous situations.

  3. Oh, I have lots of fun with Instagram! I find that Instagram and places like my fb and Twitter, let me be ME. My blog, I always feel restrained, like I have to write about writing (this isn’t true, btw–I’m working on erasing this feeling, lol). In an information age, people love to look at pictures–they’re quick, fun, and people like them.

    • I think the creative venues help to open us up more. I don’t think I have you on my Instagram buddy list. Would you mind terribly if I tracked you down on thete?

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