Music and Pictures Update

Since the new addition to the family, time has been in short supply. And unfortunately, the opportunities to work on my computer are few and far between, which makes blogging a bit difficutl. But I’ve become quite adept at playing with my phone!

I’ve previously mentioned my love for Instagram and Snapseed. I’ve decided to start filling out my Flickr profile with some of the pictures I’ve taken, including this piece of awesomeness (I might be a bit biased).

pen and paper

If anyone wants to use any of my pictures, feel free to. I’ve changed the licenses to Creative Commons Attribution. I’ve been trying to pin them to Pinterest, and feel free to do the same if you like them.

Onto music!

I’ve added a few songs to my playlists and thought I’d share them.

Stompa by Serena Ryder

Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Applause by Lady GaGa (music video is freaking weird, so be forewarned)

Wake Me Up by Avicii

Roar by Katy Perry

What is new and inspiring with you?

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6 thoughts on “Music and Pictures Update

  1. Nice playlist. šŸ™‚

    I’m taking control of my life back, dang it. LOL Going to thin out my blog schedule and even go on hiatus for a while so I can WRITE! (…and CRIT!) šŸ˜€

    • At least by blogging, you are honing your mad writing skills! That’s a plus, right?

  2. I’m a big Lady Gaga fan šŸ™‚ You have to admire someone who can market herself so adeptly (and creatively!)

    • Hehe, Lady GaGa horrifies my mother-in-law. But many of her songs have made it onto my playlist. Just Dance, You and I, and now Applause are among my favorites.

  3. I’m not sure why, but whenever I listen to Roar, I get an urge to listen to Brave by Sara Bareilles.

    • Maybe Sara told Katy to be brave and Katy started to roar.

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