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If you haven’t guessed from previous posts, my husband is one of the greatest guys out there. He’s creative, funny, hard-working, and smart. Sure, he’s not without what some people might call flaws, but really, when you’re that great, who notices?

One of the projects he’s been working on since we bought the house in 2007 is a pond. It’s almost done (still needs a giant dragon to sit over the waterfall’s intake well).

Today’s featured photo was taken from beneath the tree on the backside of the pond, next to the strawberries.


Do you have any non-writing projects keeping you busy?

Loni Townsend

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20 thoughts on “Feature Photo Friday

  1. That’s beautiful! So relaxing.

    I used to do a log of non-writing things. Not anymore.
    At least my daughter has taken over the garden. 😛

    • I have my husband to thank for keeping my plants alive.

  2. Beautiful shot of the reflection in the water! I love dragons and think it would make a perfect addition. Lucky you to have such a great husband, too. 🙂

    • I just need to find someone to sculpt a dragon for me now. 🙂

  3. Looks like an amazing project that you will really enjoy. Since we recently moved from the US to Ecuador, my non-writing is learning about the local area and meeting locals. We love browsing the markets and buying wonderful food, gorgeous flowers, amazing jewelry and more, all at a fraction of what we would pay in the US.

    D.B. McNicol
    Romance & Mystery…writing my life

  4. Great photo, the reflections are so beautiful. That pond looks spectacular – and a great place to sit and think.

    • Oh yes, it’s very relaxing. Or exhilarating, if you jump in.

  5. Lovely pond!

    Many years ago, I used to have this thing, I think people called it a life, but now I just run around keeping up with kids and my 77 going on 16 mother and crashing at the end of the night. I used to love to work in my flower beds. Now, I have a bunch of perennials and called it done.

    • It seems like when people get older, they reach a second youth. I hope to have that much energy when I get there.

  6. I love creeks and waterfalls for the lovely sound they make. So relaxing. Ponds make me worry about mosquitoes, although koi ponds are very lovely. Yay for having a man who makes an effort!! 🙂

    • My husband built an endless river/waterfall to keep the water circulating. That will hopefully disturb the water enough to keep the mosquitoes away.

      That’s why I need the dragon. To sit on top of the waterfall pipe!

  7. You sure are lucky to have a guy who can (and will) build you a pond. I’ve always wanted one. And the one he built looks lovely, even without the dragon. 😉

  8. It’s looking good.

    We had a pond once … it even had a fish and a couple of frogs! It dried up years ago (but not before we saved the fish). Probably just as well or we’d constantly have a pair of soggy border collies running through the house. They’re bad enough with the horse’s water troughs.

  9. Wow it’s beautiful.

    My non-writing projects are mainly taking the form of crafts at the moment. (Crocheting, needlepoint etc)

  10. Freakin’ cool! Being a homeowner includes plenty of non-writing projects. My most recent were plumbing-related. Such fun.

  11. Awesome pond! I’m not landscaping-inclined, so I just write and hope that I can make enough to pay someone to do it all! My husband keeps up the yard work and, when he gets time, does landscaping.

  12. Here’s to great husbands! Granted mine is always gone traveling for work, but today he managed to put in a drip-irrigation system for our raised garden beds so now I don’t have to remember to water them all the time when he’s away. My big non-writing project for the summer is re-staining the fence. Oh joy.

  13. I love the photo, especially the reflections in the water. Gorgeous.
    I’ve always wanted a pond.

  14. I’m going to start the chant again. 😉

    “Pho-to book! Pho-to book!”

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