Cover Title Color Choice

If you saw Wednesday’s post, you saw I was considering updating the title appearance on my cover. Most agreed that the metallic, beveled look made a greater impact. Aldrea suggested using a different color.

I’ve adjusted the lighting so it comes from the correct direction, and made the text fit the e-book size.



Which color do you like better? Gold or Green?

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23 thoughts on “Cover Title Color Choice

  1. interesting…I like them both. The green appears more seamless …but then again the gold makes it pop. (I’m a very indecisive person, haha) I’d have to say the green.

  2. Definitely the gold.

  3. First one – the brighter color makes the title pop off the cover.

  4. I agree that the gold is much more striking.

    Tossing It Out

  5. This is a rough one ’cause both have a strong appeal. I like the continuity of the green, but the gold pops. I’m thinking about when it’s shrunk up and little for ebooks. The gold will stand out better. Even on a book shelf the gold would probably catch someone’s eye.

  6. The green brings to mind dark, creepy things. The gold looks more fantastical, like enchanted swords and castles. So it’s up to you which way you want to present your novel — dark or light. Good luck! 🙂

  7. Across the different social networks, gold is winning!

  8. Yeah, I’m really bad at this stuff. I like them both. I’d never be able to choose a cover on my own.

  9. This is a difficult choice. The gold does stand out, but the green seems more harmonious. If that makes sense! =P

  10. The gold definitely pops more!!! The second cover does have a little more harmony, if that makes sense. I think because everything blends. Both look treat–it’s just whether you want the title to jump out at readers or not when they’re looking at your cover.

  11. I vote gold! 🙂

  12. I’m liking the gold, but then I think your name should match — even if only by a shade or two. Balance and all that. What do you think of extending WAR the full width of THANMIR?

  13. I would definitely go with the gold for contrast and a dark, semitransparent gradient behind it for pop. As Milo mentioned, I would have your name match—sans beveling. 🙂

  14. I like the gold best of these two but wonder what it would look like with a brighter green. The pale green doesn’t stand out as much.

    • Actually, I did make a bright green, but I didn’t like it as much. Bright Green

  15. Go with the gold. It’s got more contrast with the gray background.

  16. The color in the first cover pops. I like it.

  17. Sarah Brentyn

    I immediately thought “gold” but, when I clicked on the covers and saw them more closely, I liked them both. The green blended better and the gorgeous metallic tree stood out. So…have you decided?

    Sorry. No help. :-\

    • Sarah Brentyn

      What’s wrong with the bright green? You didn’t like that one?

      • It was too much green for me. I felt smothered in it.

  18. I’m wondering the significance behind the vine. Is it a sign of hope and new growth? Then I like the green. Is there avarice involved in the story? Then the gold.

  19. Thanks for dropping by today. Hope you find a colour you like best. What are the green bolty bits for?

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