Snow Day

Thank you all for the condolences for my cousin. Chris’s funeral was last Saturday, but I unfortunately couldn’t attend. Snow dumped its baggage on my doorstep just a couple of days before my anticipated 280 mile drive. Rather than risk the roads, I sent my love from afar via phone call.

Beyond my phone call to my cousin and also to my parents, I haven’t done much else socially. I’ve avoided the Internet, reduced my facebook time, and only left the house to go to work. It’s like the onslaught of cold has sent me into hibernation mode.

You’d think this low activity level would be good for my word count. Though I’m still ahead, I don’t have the same lead as I did before. I’m just under 35K, and I’ve gotten to that dreaded point where the scenes aren’t already fully visualized in my head. That makes progress slow-going. It doesn’t help that I’ve been jumping to books 3, 3.5, and 4 in my brain (when I’m trying to write book 2). I blame this song, the newest addition to the playlist:

I hope you are all warm and safe out there. I saw the snow Cathrina got, and I read Ken helped someone who slid off the road and flipped. It’s scary. I think I’m staying indoors.

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28 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I go into hibernation mode too sometimes, and some of my favorite weeks are the weeks I take a break from the internet. Still so sorry about your cousin, and don’t worry about word count now, you probably need a break! xoxo

  2. Yikes! Yeah, we’re plenty happy living in good ol’ Florida. It finally got cold here for a couple days and man! I’m not liking this. At all. I need my Florida sun and balmy breeze. =)

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  3. Times like these is important to let smaller things go (like word count) and go through all the emotions. That’s could be what you brain keeps popping around to other books.

    We’ve have snow here, but it didn’t stay. It is, however, currently 29.

  4. Sorry to hear about your cousin. We’ve had below freezing temps today and yesterday, but no snow yet, thank goodness. Hope your hibernation is productive!

  5. My sympathies to you and your family. We got a wee bit of snow here, but wow, what I’ve been seeing elsewhere. Yikes!

  6. So sorry to hear about your cousin. No snow here yet, but we did have one day of torrential rain. If it had been snow, that would have been scary.

  7. Our foot of snow is finally melting, although the roads are still crap. I made my Husband Unit drive me around today. I have a turkey. I have food to last us to January… maybe. lol

    35K is very respectable. I need to start jamming. I feel like such a slacker.

  8. YIKES. I’ve heard the weather is bad in lots of places, but I didn’t know it was that bad. I feel lucky that all we’ve had is a lot of cold air. Stay inside, stay safe, and good luck! Maybe just try letting loose and writing freely, and seeing what happens in these unplanned scenes? You never know…

  9. It’s crazy when this much snow falls in the Boise area and stick because of the weather being so cold after. I want to stay in too, but the dang dog would kill me if she didn’t get a walk everyday.

  10. guess what? I just listed that song on my blog. ha!
    sucks that you’re were snowed in on an important time. it may have been for the best. hard to say, right? the only good thing I enjoy about snowy weather is snuggling in a sweater and up to my hubs. guess that wouldn’t help my word count either. (wink)

  11. So sorry to hear about your cousin. My condolences.

    And my brain does that, tooβ€”I’m supposed to be working on Book 2, but hey, look at all of these shiny ideas/scenes for books 3-4.

    We didn’t get much snow, but just enough ice to make driving tricky. Stay warm!

  12. Sorry to hear you weren’t able to get to your cousin’s funeral. I swear the States are getting worse than Canada for winter storms. Unreal.

    Good luck with the NaNoWriMo. You’re so good at getting the writing done with small kids and a job. Wow. Impressive. Guess you don’t sleep much, eh? LOL! Livin on adrenalin and Red Bull!

    All the best, Loni!

  13. Sorry about your cousin. And the snow! But hopefully being snowed in, will help you get more writing done.

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    No snow here…I live in Florida. Unlike Crystal though, I actually like it when it gets cold here. πŸ™‚

  15. Sorry you couldn’t make it. I know they understand — and you know there’s no way you couldn’t have gone — but, sometimes, it’s difficult anyway.

    My hibernation mode usually sets in a bit later but, with the weather you’re having, kind of understandable.

    Two things, if I may:
    1. Don’t worry about your online *$#@!
    2. Can you start writing parts of books 3, 3.5, or 4 if that’s where your mind is taking you? It’s still words and you’re still writing…

    • No way you could have gone. Gah.

    • Hehe. Your two things made me giggle. I don’t worry about my online stuff, I’ve just grown apathetic, probably because of the weather.

      I have documents filled with writing for the other books. But I decided this past weekend that the political/social situation needed to be harsher in book 4 because of what happens in book 3, which impacted a few character roles in book 3.5. Ping-pong effect. I could write in the other books, but I’m a pantser. As I’ve written book 2 for NaNo, I’ve included a scene which I had intended for book 3, so it no longer happens in book 3, so the plot slightly shifts and creates a ripple effect. Thus, I’m trying to finish book 2 before too much rippling turns into a tidal wave. My focus is horrible though. >_<

  16. New music for me, and I love it! Thanks for sharing.

    So sorry to hear about your cousin. Prayers for you and your family.

    We got cold here, like January. I’m thankful we didn’t get snow.

  17. Dude has some wild hair, lol! I like that song, too. We’ve only gotten a skiff of snow here so far, but I’ve a feeling we won’t get off that easy for the rest of the winter…

  18. So sorry abut your cousin. πŸ™ I know what you mean about the scenes not visualizing in your head, though. I get to that “stuck” point with almost every manuscript. I battle my way through and it works out somehow, but sometimes you wonder if you should just stop or keep going.

  19. Sometimes we all need “snow days” with or without actual snow. I don’t think having bits of your other WIPs pop into your brain is bad. Your imagination is like a big crock-pot, and ideas need to stew and steep for best results. Have a lovely indoor weekend! πŸ™‚

  20. I’m so sorry for your loss. And also sorry you were not able to make it to the funeral, that must have been very difficult. Take care.

  21. No snow for us here in NC. I used to miss it, but hearing about all the snow craziness makes me glad we don’t get much during the winter!

    Great song!

    Keep on truckin’ with NaNo. You can do it! πŸ™‚

  22. Snow days can be great for writing, if you don’t have anywhere you have to go. Unfortunately, sometimes the cold weather just makes me want to crawl into bed early and forget about writing.

    Condolences for your cousin.

  23. I can go into hibernation mode even in the summer! πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear about your cousin and that you couldn’t attend. I’m sure he knew what was in your heart.

    Your mention of NaNo reminded me why I’m never doing it again. Did it twice (“won” once), but boy, did it wipe me out. And the story that I finished lines the bird cage. πŸ˜€

    Many hugs for love and warmth!

  24. Sorry to hear about your cousin, Loni. That’s never easy. Considering the snow in your neck of the woods, you probably don’t want to hear about the weather in my SoCal neighborhood. So I won’t even mention it.

  25. Sorry to hear about your cousin. I’ve been gone, so am just catching up on the news around the blog-o-sphere. I hate it when it’s not good. Take some time to reflect and appreciate the one you loved.

  26. I know you haven’t been on in a while, but I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in the 777 challenge, if you haven’t done it yet. It’s completely voluntary, though, and you can do it at any time. Hugs!

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