This World Bites – Excerpt at Julie’s

After taking yesterday off, I’m back with renewed energy! Julie Flanders has an excerpt from This World Bites on her blog. Cera finds out exactly what it was that bit her guardian. Check it out!


Did you like the excerpt? Did you enter Julie’s Goodreads giveaway while you were on her blog?

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8 thoughts on “This World Bites – Excerpt at Julie’s

  1. so good, so excited to dig into the book!

  2. Just got back from visiting Julie’s blog. If you want to see a cool squirrel photo, check out the header photo on Kylie Betzner’s Facebook page.

  3. Visited away at the other bay

  4. Yes, great excerpt. My kind of female character, for sure.

  5. Your excerpt was hilarious! I’d like to send brainwaves to make someone bring me ice cream too. lol

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. Great excerpt! I’m really eager for the next book already. 🙂 Have a terrific weekend!

  7. I’ll go visit.

    Have a great weekend.

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