Passing the Test

If you don’t know, I’m a programmer for the State Police. Granted, I’m not out on the highways protecting and serving, but I do well behind a computer screen making other people’s jobs easier. You want a more efficient way to process and maintain that data? I can handle that.

Troopers (those guys out on the highways) must pass a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) to qualify for their job. This year, the fitness coordinators opened up assessments to non-commissioned personnel like me.

Here is the scoring:

When the buzz about it opening first started, I decided I wanted in.

Now, I’m not the poster squirrel for physical fitness, but I enjoy a physical challenge.

My goal was to hit 14 points across the board. Ninjas blend in. Appearing average is part of the game.

Due to poor breathing technique, I fell short of my goal with push-ups. Whoops. But I squeaked by with enough to pass. Here were my numbers.

Vertical Jump: 17″
Sit-Ups: 38
Push-Ups: 22
300M Run: 65
1.5 Mile Run: 14:40

I couldn’t have done the run without the Couch-to-5K training I’ve been doing with my sis-in-law. She was in my head the whole way, and because of her, I kept running when I wanted to walk. (We squirrels aren’t long distance creatures.)

I’ll be able to test again in the spring. Maybe I’ll shoot for 16 points across the board next time.

Do you have any physical goals? Do you enjoy challenges? What do you do to stay active?

Loni Townsend

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16 thoughts on “Passing the Test

  1. You’ve got pretty good scores by my estimation. I don’t think I’d have managed what you did even when I was in my 20’s.

    I am a very inactive person. I need to walk more and probably should start juggling on a regular basis. I enjoy challenges, but not so much physical ones.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Wrote By Rote

  2. Sounds like you did a good job to me! I feel like I would do horribly on all of those things. It’s giving me bad flashbacks to gym class…

  3. That’s pretty good. The squirrels out here are doing the opposite of physical training. 😉 They are packing on pounds for winter and giving me evil glares.

  4. I think you did awesome! With my short legged running stride, running has never been one of my strong points. It sucks to have to take 2-3 steps to other people’s one. Exercise is good, though. I’ve been building up exercising and do cardio for two days and flexibility/strength training one day and repeat. Running and pushups–mild carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and a bad back–really aren’t for me.

  5. Now I want to try! I know I’d score at the top for the running. (I run several times a week and can do seven miles in one hour.) Is the vertical jump straight up?

    • It is straight up, but you need to start standing still, with your feet together. Then you’re allowed to move one foot, either to the side or behind you, to give you more momentum toward your jump. But your other foot has to stay put.

  6. Do I have any physical goals… I had a baby 7 months ago, remember? Have kids in your mid 30’s is brutal compared to 20’s. Every time I go to exercise I end up with hip pain or something equally as sinister. (Even just walking.) I have a theory my daughter permanently damaged something in my hip. BUT, I keep trying. Heal up, try something different, hope for success. Dancing with toddlers didn’t hurt, so maybe I just need to borrow some preschoolers every day and play with them.

  7. Is that “average” for an average person, or an average police officer?

    I could probably hit 15-16 points on the 1.5 mile and the push-ups (on a good day), but I have no idea what my vertical leap or sprint is. I will test the sprint on my run tomorrow, but I’m tempted to find an empty cubicle next to the wall to test my leap right now…

    I don’t work out with specific training goals in mind, I just can’t sit at a desk all day long without getting up and moving around. I feel physically ill in the afternoon if I sit still all day.

  8. Hi, Loni…. Congrats! You will definitely make it to 16 next time.

    I workout daily. Walking at least 5 miles a day and at the gym at least five days a week. It’s a lot, but I need to keep in shape for my arthritis. Movement is the key. Plus it’s a great way to clear your mind from stress. Plus you have that time to focus on storylines, characters, and plots.

  9. Wow, that’s amazing! Good for you! Keep it up.

  10. Hey, look at that. You can do 38 more Sit-Ups and 22 more Push-Ups than I can. Cool. I’m what you’d call “sedentary”. And I HATE it. The most exercise I’ve had in the past six year is in physical therapy. I think you did great. For a squirrel. 😉

  11. You did pretty darn good. I’m not much of a physical person. I love to test my mind, though! My hubby did the couch to 5k and is now on to the 10k. It really works!

  12. I think you did really good! I’m working on the weight and the health, slowly but surely. Kind of like a tortoise. 🙂

  13. Last night, I decided to get serious about exercise, because it’s summer here and that means swimming. (And I don’t want to look like a whale.)

    So… I’m doing crunches, push-ups etc and skipping rope. (Crazy good exercise, skipping rope…)

  14. As I could maybe do one sit-up (if I ate a powerbar or something beforehand), I’m super impressed! That’s so great!

    And the sad part about the above confession is that I do have fitness goals. I’m just terrible about actually sticking with them. 🙂

  15. This is so cool – congratulations!! I can only imagine what my numbers would be LOL. Like Sarah I’m having terrifying flashbacks to gym class.

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