#99centNovember is here!

November kicks off with a bang. Yes, NaNoWriMo has begun, but more importantly…

For the month of November, Milo Fowler is hosting a slew of e-books all available for 99 cents. Thanmir War and This World Bites are both on the list. Check out the full selection here. I know I’m looking forward to picking up some of these books myself.

If you wanted to help spread the word, here are a few tweets you can circulate.

#99centnovember all month: #eBooks on #sale by @ausema @mfowler76 @danceauthor @AnneEJohnson @SimonKewin Details: http://goo.gl/efPC5s

#99centnovember all month: @MichelleAnnKing @50YearProject @TyreanMartinson @RhondaParrish @LoniTownsend Details: http://goo.gl/efPC5s

Feel free to attach our banner too!


Tell your friends! I hope you’re able to pick up something fun to read this month.

Are there any of the books you’ve been waiting to read?

Loni Townsend

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5 thoughts on “#99centNovember is here!

  1. Will shout out the 99CentNovember and check out this list! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good luck on sales! I tweeted!

  3. TB Markinson

    I’ve been doing my best to spread the word about the sale. Wishing you lots of sales.

  4. I downloaded a copy of Thanmir War. Looking forward to reading it!

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