Coffee with Chrys, Plus a #Giveaway!

I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but my character Derek loves comparing people to this wonderfully caffeinated drink. Today, I have Chrys on my blog and she’s provided yet another scrumptious option to try out. This sounds yummy enough for even a squirrel like me to try out!

Christmas Coffee

It's Chrys! On my blog!

It’s Chrys! On my blog!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Cup Instant Hot Chocolate Mix
  • 1 Cup Regular Cremora (Coffee Creamer)
  • ½ Cup Sugar
  • ½ Teaspoon Cinnamon
  • ¼ Teaspoon Nutmeg


  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Put in a jar.
  3. Add a spoonful or two (to taste) to your cup of brewed coffee.

Viola! Christmas Coffee!

Chrys also brings us an excerpt from Seismic Crimes which includes a conversation over coffee. Perhaps it should’ve been Christmas Coffee.

Seismic Crimes“Dear, I know you haven’t known Donovan long,” Lily said, “but the two of us are curious about your feelings toward him.”

Beth felt her cheeks sear red. She glanced at the women who waited for her reply while she carefully weighed her answer. “I care about him a lot. He’s an amazing man.”

“Have you slept with him?” Lily blurted.

Beth’s jaw dropped.

“Mom!” Meredith shook her head disapprovingly. “What she meant to ask is if you’re in love.”

Beth felt as though a cloud of butterflies were set loose inside her body. Her heart rate fluttered frantically at the mention of the L word. “It’s a little early for that.” She looked from Meredith to Lily. “Isn’t it?”

Meredith shrugged. “You tell us.”

Beth swallowed. “I…uh…” She knew she was in love with Donovan, but she hadn’t admitted it aloud since she’d told him outside the police department. “I think I am. Yes.”

The two women beamed at her, seemingly pleased with her response.

Beth took a sip of coffee, finding it cold and bitter. The look in Meredith’s and Lily’s eyes dashed the joy she felt a moment ago. The look said they hoped for marriage and babies. Lots and lots of babies. But Beth wasn’t ready for diapers and formula yet. The thought of being a mother for the rest of her life terrified her. How could she raise a child to be a good person? What if she screwed up? Although she had excellent parents, she wasn’t sure if she had the mothering gene.

Title: Seismic Crimes
Author: Chrys Fey
Series: Disaster Crimes Series (Book Two)
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Format: Digital and Print
Page Count: 282

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA
NOOK / KOBO / All Romance eBooks

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA
The Wild Rose Press


An Internal Affairs Investigator was murdered and his brother, Donovan Goldwyn, was framed. Now Donovan is desperate to prove his innocence. And the one person who can do that is the woman who saved him from a deadly hurricane—Beth Kennedy. From the moment their fates intertwined, passion consumed him. He wants her in his arms. More, he wants her by his side in his darkest moments.

Beth Kennedy may not know everything about Donovan, but she can’t deny what she feels for him. It’s her love for him that pushes her to do whatever she has to do to help him get justice, including putting herself in a criminal’s crosshairs.

When a tip reveals the killer’s location, they travel to California, but then an earthquake of catastrophic proportions separates them. As aftershocks roll the land, Beth and Donovan have to endure dangerous conditions while trying to find their way back to one another. Will they reunite and find the killer, or will they lose everything?

Hurricane Crimes

Hurricane Crimes

I’ve read Hurricane Crimes, and it was fast-paced and action packed. Be sure to pick it up.

Amazon US / Amazon UK
Amazon CA / NOOK / KOBO
All Romance eBooks
The Wild Rose Press


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Have you read Hurricane Crimes? Are you excited for Seismic Crimes? Do you like coffee? What did you think of the excerpt?

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43 thoughts on “Coffee with Chrys, Plus a #Giveaway!

  1. I’m not one for coffee. It’s decaf tea or soy hot chocolate for me.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the excerpt. Poor Beth, what a situation to be in.

    • I drink decaf coffee, but of course coffee is an acquired taste. 🙂 Thanks for reading Aldrea!

  2. HS kraftmaking

    I have been experienced earthquakes several time while stayed in Japan.

  3. I like the recipe, even though to make it a real coffee, I’d probably add a shot of espresso 🙂 and maybe a dash of rum 🙂

    Congratulations to Chrys! I’m really looking forward to reading Seismic Crimes. It’s next on my list.

    Wish you both a fantastic week.

    • But real coffee is in it. You add those yummy ingredients to your coffee. I couldn’t ever gave espresso. My coffee is actually decaf. :p

      Thank you, Nicola! I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Ah. So it’s Derek who likes his coffee. ; )

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I love to hang out with the best squirrel for the day (or longer). 🙂

    Side note: I accidentally used my Yahoo email for yesterday’s newsletter but won’t be from now on. My April newsletter came from my new address and I believe you received that one, so you should be fine. At least until your service decides my newsletter is spam.

    • Actually, I think April’s did end up in my spam, but I unspammed it.

      I’m happy to have you here today! I do drink coffee from time to time. Adding chocolate makes it even better. 🙂

  5. I’ve never heard of Christmas coffee but my hubby likes his (regular) coffee so strong that I put a couple scoops of hot chocolate to mellow it out. In high school we called it choc-hotlet 🙂

    • See? You’ve been making Christmas Coffee and didn’t even know it. 😉 My grandma used to make it and now my mom does. 🙂

  6. “The look said they hoped for marriage and babies. Lots and lots of babies. ” <—My in-laws were here for the last five days. I'm very familiar with that look. And the interrogation that accompanies it. 🙂

    I'm not one for coffee, but I know people who are. I'll be sure to forward your recipe on to them. I think they'd enjoy it.

    • LOL. I know it’s a typical in-law look. And poor Beth was just a girl friend at the time!

      Awesome. Thank you, MJ!

  7. You know, if I drank coffee… Now change that to a nice cup of hot chocolate and I’m totally in. Totally. (And a wedge of cheese on the side for good measure.)

  8. My hubby will love that Christmas coffee! Yay for Chrys. Fantastic excerpt.

  9. I’ll pass it along to my wife. I’m afraid I don’t drink coffee.

    • That’s okay. Coffee isn’t for everyone. 🙂

  10. Mmm, that sounds good! Congrats, Chrys!

  11. Nice excerpt and thanks for the coffee mixer mix. 🙂

  12. Big congrats to Chrys on her new book! I was so lucky to get Hurricane Crimes in a giveaway and I really enjoyed it. I think the Christmas coffee sounds delicious. Have a lovely week, Loni!

    • Hi, Lexa! Thank you for your comment. I hope you enjoy Seismic Crimes just as much. 🙂

  13. Christmas coffee sounds awesome. 😀

  14. Love the smell of coffee, but can’t drink it as it disagrees with me… unlike hot chocolate. So this is a great recipe – thanks.

    Good luck with Seismic Crimes and related books, Chrys.

    • Well, you’re supposed to add this to coffee. I’ve never tried it without the coffee before. You might have to tell me what that’s like.

      Thank you, Roland!

  15. Nice Christmas Coffee recipe! I like the excerpt you chose – even included coffee! Chrys, your book is terrific – so glad to see you’re getting so much exposure!

    • I thought I replied to your comment already, Sherry, Oops. The coffee in this scene is supposed to be Christmas Coffee, but my editor didn’t know what it was, so it became plain coffee.

  16. The coffee recipe reminds me of a flavored coffee series they used to sell at the grocery store. I hadn’t seen that stuff in years and I used to buy it all the time.

    Hope all is going well with your book promotions and sales, Chrys.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    • This is a recipe passed down, and alter just a bit, from my grandma. 🙂

      Everything is good well, Arlee. Thank you!

  17. Sounds delicious! Thanks for the giveaway and the recipe 😉

  18. Hi Loni! Hi Chrys! Great excerpt. Mom’s ask the best questions. 🙂

    I’m not a coffee drinker either. Tasters nasty. I’ll stick with hot chocolate, thank you very much!

  19. Oh my gosh that Christmas Coffee recipe has me salivating like Pavlov’s dogs. I have to try it. Thanks for sharing, Chrys. And best of luck with your release tour, it seems like it’s a huge success to me! 🙂

    Hi, Loni! 😀

    • I hope you like it, Julie. I indulge and always add some whipped cream. 😉

      Thank you so much!

  20. I don’t drink coffee, but knowing me, I’d try drinking the Christmas Coffee stuff on its own, because it does sound pretty good. 😛 And I grew up in Southern CA, so I’ve had my share of experiences with earthquakes. Gah.

  21. I have a badge that reads, Coffee Snob. And I am that. It has to be freshly ground, freshly brewed, one cup at a time, and if the crema isn’t just right–I do not drink it. Since this is the only thing I’m snobbish, people I’m forgive me.

    Here’s to some great success for Chrys!

    • Well, perhaps if I’d had my coffee before writing that comment, it might have made sense. Let me try again. “Since this is the only thing I’m snobbish about, people forgive me.”

  22. Congrats! Nice excerpt. And am mixing up a bit of that magic for my coffee. Hope you both have a great week. ?

  23. I don’t care for coffee, myself. I find it too bitter. I know you can add all sorts of things to sweeten it up, but if you’re doing that, you might as well just drink those sort of things instead and skip the coffee part!
    However, I will pass this recipe on to my daughter, who loves coffee.

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