Mid-Year Progress Check

Can you believe June is almost over? My husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on Sunday. We were lucky enough that my sis-in-law was willing to watch the kids for us after she got off work, because we completely forgot to plan anything. I’d even forgotten about our anniversary until my daughter asked me when the next holiday was and I looked at my calendar, realizing then that my anniversary was the next Sunday. But my husband and I got to go out for a relaxing dinner at the Meridian Village and catch a showing of Solo. All in all, it was wonderful.

But that means half the year is almost through. Therefore, progress check!

Writing: I think I’m doing pretty well. I’ve gone from 143K to 165K, which means I’ve added 20K this year. With my goal being an average of 700 words per week (about 18K at this point), I’d say I’m on target, especially since that doesn’t include all the stuff I’ve written and then gotten rid of because it just wasn’t right for the story (that’s about another 10K). Unfortunately, it seems like I’m always the same distance to The End. I’ve got 7 chapters to finish, plus another I want to add earlier in the story. It seems like I was only 8 chapters to the end weeks ago.

Fitness: Pneumonia kind of kicked me in the gut. I’m still freaking coughing, though I think it’s with a new infection that’s circulating through the family. It’s certainly hampered my fitness seeing that I haven’t picked up a set of weights since April and running is still difficult. It’s also left me binge eating food I shouldn’t, such as kettle cooked chips. But I’ve got a plan, so hopefully I’ll be able to hit my goal weight of 125 come October 31st (that’ll be 30lbs in 1 year).

Digital Painting: Well, not much progress to be said here. I have been working on consistent drawing, meaning drawing the same character and actually being able to tell it’s the same character. But it’s still pencil and paper. Lately, I’ve been leaning toward a more cartoony route, rather than realistic sketches, and it’s given me more wiggle room to nail the consistency.

(Highlights were added digitally, but all attempts to color these two have turned out horribly.)

Empathy: Yeah… I’d started the year with wanting to be a more empathetic person, and really focus on building my relationship with my children. Pfft. Kidzilla still whines. I’m thinking all the empathy in the world won’t make the little 4yo any less whiny. But I’m told it comes with the age, and he’ll grow out of it. Both kids are amazing, and I find myself being thankful for them especially when I compare them to other children. I know you’re not supposed to compare children, but DUDE. These two kiddos are far better behaved and considerate than some of the kids I’ve encountered in their age groups. Am I turning into a more empathetic person? No. Do I have a better relationship with my kids? I think so.

That’s been my life for the past six months. How has your year gone so far?

Loni Townsend

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21 thoughts on “Mid-Year Progress Check

  1. I think the figures look just fine without color.
    Awesome you are ahead of schedule with the word count.
    And some people’s kids…

  2. Well, thanks for reminding me the year is half over! Where’s the evil eye emoji?
    Awesome on the words. You’re kids sound awesome–and you know they probably only whine to and around you, right?

  3. You’ve done awesome on your WIP this year.

    Pneumonia sucks. It can take a long time to feel 100% again. I hope you get back to your old self soon.

    I actually love those digital paintings without color.

  4. 30 pounds is great. It might not sound a lot on someone who weighs 350 pounds, but on smaller people that’s a lot.

  5. You are so talented. I think they already look great. Congrats on the word count.

  6. First, happy anniversary! 12 years – that’s awesome! And it sounds like you had a very nice evening (did you like Solo?)

    It sounds like you’re doing pretty well on your goals, minus the whole fitness thing, but you were sick! And I still totally think you could meet that goal! I believe in you, Loni. I’m going to tell you what I tell myself. Are you ready? Here it goes: YOU GOT THIS.


  7. Happy anniversary, Loni! Sounds to me like you are doing well with your goals.

    So far, my year has turned out quite differently than planned. I’d wanted to release another book this month, but with all the “behind the scenes” writing I’ve been doing, that’s not going to happen. The new teaching side of things has also been unexpected, but I guess that’s why they say, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.”

    Hope the rest of your year is wonderful.

  8. Sorry you’re still dealing with the aftereffects of pnemonia. I hope you’re all healed up soon.

    Kids can be whiny. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it.

  9. Sounds like you’re really doing well with your writing goals. You don’t have that much to get to “The End”. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. You’re really kicking some writing butt, Loni. Look at that word count! Beware those kettle chips. They are irresistible and should never be allowed across your threshold. Kind of like vampires.

  11. Yikes! The year is half over? How did that happen already? Is this what happens as I get older? Time just whizzes by? I love the digital painting as is. I admire your ability to do it. Not sure I possess that kind of ability myself. Kudos on being able to get so much writing done despite still be sick…also, what the heck is up with that? Hope it passes soon.


  12. I can’t believe the year is half over already! It sounds like you’re on a good track and things are progressing overall. Having a better relationship with your kids is excellent. 🙂

  13. The drawings are good, and I’m glad to see you’re making writing progress.

    Feeling that the end isn’t getting any nearer, despite positive progress, sounds familiar. All you can do is keep plodding along, and then all of a sudden you’ll be surprised to find yourself at the end.

  14. You have accomplished a great deal and I love your goals. Congratulations on 12 years 🙂

  15. Happy Anniversary!
    I’m having a hard time believing the year is already half gone. When did that happen.

  16. Kettle chips are so dangerous to have within reaching distance. They’ve been my downfall many a time. Sound like you had a lovely anniversary celebration. Are you sure the year is already half over? How did that happen?

  17. Where does the time go? Congrats on getting to the 12-year mark 🙂

  18. As Jeri says, “Where does the time go?” I’m impressed with what you have managed despite everything striving to stop you. I don’t have any excuse to be three months behind – can’t blame the great-grandkids as they don’t visit too often…even if they can be terrors.

    May the next six months be healthier and even more productive.

  19. You’re doing great. I had a few promotions and work hiccups, so didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted. But I’m working on it now and making progress. So it’s all good. Once I get that better under control, I’m going to look at ways to get more exercise. We have a gym at work, so I use it during lunch, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

  20. Sarah Brentyn

    My year so far has been shite. With shite dressing on the side. So…nice to visit her and see some good stuff. Writing…awesome. Drawing…excellent. (Love them even without color. Maybe more so?) And, as I’ve offered before, you can have some of my empathy. “Take my empathy, please!”

    • Sarah

      Ugh. *visit here

      And Happy Anniversary.

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