Eight Years #ParentLife

Eight years ago, something special happened. My daughter was born. It’s a bit of a shock to think about it. I mean, EIGHT YEARS. How can time fly by so darn quickly? One moment, I’m cradling an infant and next I’ve got a girl who is at the right height to act as an armrest when I’m standing. Today is also the first day of third grade. Geez Louise! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was arranging for preschool?

Despite my trepidation over the passage of time, I have to say, I’m super proud of this girl. She’s brilliant and intuitive. So filled with joy and kindness. I love how amazing she is. Tonight we’re heading to the state fair for some rides to celebrate. The birthday party won’t be for another week and a half, because she gets a joint one with her brother who wasn’t born until September.

So happy birthday to my little girl. May your days be as bright as mine are because of you!

What are you celebrating today?

Loni Townsend

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10 thoughts on “Eight Years #ParentLife

  1. I well know what you’re talking about. Those are great times that go by so quickly that it’s often difficult to fully cherish those precious moments. Sounds like you’ve got some great children and they’ve got a great mother. My kids are long past childhood and my oldest granddaughter is a year or so older than your daughter. And now there are 6 more grandkids that have come. In a way I’d love to be back where you are, but still life is going well for me and I feel like I did something right in raising my kids.

    Happy birthday to your kids and congratulations to you.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Happy birthday (Loni’s daughter)! Time DOES fly, though!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter. My middle nephew starts 3rd grade today. I’d say they should meet, but he’s a bit of a handful 😉

  4. Time. Goes even faster as you watch them grow, huh? Happy Birthday to Loni’s daughter!

  5. Happy birthday to a cute kid – guess the brilliant and intuitive side is from someone special. State fair has been mentioned in our house a few times………….

  6. Yeh for birthdays! Have fun at the fair! 🙂

  7. Wow – looking into the face of your precious daughter reminds me of mine at that age. So innocent, so full of hope and love. My baby is 33 now – grown up, college educated, married. Where, indeed, does the time go? Wishing you all a joyous celebration!

  8. Happy birthday indeed! Time definitely flies. Speaking of eight years, I realized the other day this marks the eighth year since I’ve left the classroom.

  9. They grow too fast, huh?
    My twins are seniors this year. I’m almost done!

  10. She looks so much like you! Happy Birthday to her.

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