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Warning: This is a long, non-writing related post!

The first of the year kicked off the Colonel’s Challenge. It’s a work-sponsored exercise challenge that runs 10 weeks. It’s meant to encourage both commissioned and non-commissioned employees to adopt healthy habits of weight-lifting and aerobic exercise. I tackled it last year, and I hope to regain my previous physical fitness (which pneumonia completely trashed) by doing it this year. Here’s where I stand fifteen days into it:

One of my goals this year is to lose 30 lbs. If you saw me walking down the hall, you wouldn’t guess I’d need to lose that much, but I spend my day bundled up in a zip-up hoodie that hangs down to my knees, so the majority of my body isn’t even visible.

Someone might ask, why 30 lbs?

My goal weight is 125. It’s not unreasonable. For my height (5’5″), it’s about ideal. What would this look like? Well, Halle Berry is a good example. She’s my height and weighs in the 120s. She’s also had two kids, so I can relate. If I looked as awesome as her when I’m in my 50’s, I’d be stoked.

What am I doing to hit that mark?

Diet: I’m intermittent fasting. My eating window is from 11 – 7, and I prep food ahead to keep track of calories at work. I’m sticking to below 1500, because that’s the maintenance calorie count for the weight I want to be while working a sedentary desk job. I don’t deny myself anything, but I do keep a calorie tally in mind to help me determine if I really want to eat it or not. And I’ve managed to stick to only 1 Red Bull a week! No, I won’t drink the sugar free version, nor will I drink any other zero-calorie substitution. If I can’t have my full 27g of sugar Red Bull, I don’t want anything. Instead, I’ve been drinking oolong tea and tons of water, sometimes with a squeeze of lime. It’s a good lifestyle for me, one I’ll be able to maintain even if I lose all 30 lbs.

Exercise: My wrist still bugs me, which sucks. I have to be very careful when it comes to doing push-ups. But I’m lifting weights three nights a week, taking a 20 minute walk at lunch, and hitting the cardio on Saturday morning. In addition, I’ve started the BeachBody Core De Force program, which has me sweating at 6:45 AM before showering and heading to work. I picked this program because it has kickboxing-inspired moves and, frankly, I enjoy punching stuff. Since part of my physique goals is to aim for an hourglass figure, I’ve been focusing on building up my shoulders and glutes. Hopefully, with the diet and exercise, I’ll shrink my middle to achieve the body shape I want.

Sleep: One of the things all fitness experts will say on all the hundreds of articles–if you want to lose weight, you need a good night’s rest. Between my dogs and the kids, that’s been difficult these past few years. But I’m getting the kids to bed earlier and practicing meditation to turn off my writer’s brain when I lay down. Plus, I’ve relocated my morning workout to the gym here at work, so I spend less time getting ready before dropping off the kids, which equals out to an additional 20 minutes of sleep. I’ve managed to get a full 8 hours these past couple of days, which is promising for my weight-loss goals. We’ll see if I can keep it up.

Sorry for the long post today with the in-depth look at one particular non-writerly goal. The last day of the Colonel’s Challenge is March 10th, so you might see and update or two before then. Until then…

Do you have any lofty goals this year? Do you have a plan to achieve your goals? What have you found works for you when it comes to healthier lifestyles?

Loni Townsend

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18 thoughts on “Colonel’s Challenge 2019 #Life #Fitness

  1. Most people just eat and don’t realize how many calories they are getting. By keeping track, you are aware, and can make smarter choices.

  2. Christine Rains

    Good luck with the challenge! I’d love to lose 30 pounds this year too. I don’t think it unreasonable at all. It would help with my back troubles and my blood pressure. You’re off to a fantastic start! 🙂 If you do manage to find a way to turn off your writer’s brain, let us know. I can’t ever seem to shut it off!

  3. I would love to lose pounds, but for now I’m working on just moving more in general. A good night’s sleep would be wonderful, and I think I might try your meditation idea.

    Good luck with everything, Loni!

  4. Anna

    Congrats on giving it a go. I stand on the sidelines and remain overweight and flabby. I’ve tried to diet and well… lets not go there.

    After the diet, I still weigh less than when I started out. ‘Nuff said.

    As far as calorie counting goes, if you’re looking for an app, you might like try SparkPeople. They are like Weight Watchers without the cost. They have a page. They have an app. They have a recipe calorie counter which I used and loved.

    Good Luck!

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  5. I’m cheering for you. I’d like to lose about the same amount. Have a bad knee holding me back, but I’m working on it. The hours of fasting are an excellent way to go. I have to get back to that.

  6. I have an elliptical but I wish I had a way to do more weights. Never liked the taste of Red Bull, though. We drink XS Energy Drinks in our house – many flavors and only 8 calories.

    Keep up the regiment.

  7. Hi Loni. I am a fitness junky. I am so happy about your drive to do this. It’s so tough! Especially when your body has aches and pains but I love it. I nurse chronically tight calves which throws one of hips out. I suffer through. It’s defintely about what you
    Eat. I love Beach Body and do the hip hop abs and also turbo kick. I hadn’t heard of the boxing program You do! Wow! Thanks
    For the tip and good luck!

  8. I do have lofty goals to lose some weight, but I don’t have a fancy app keeping tract for me. That is really cool. I think the radical “eat less, move more” approach really is the way to go. Best to you as you work those goals!

    • Lee Lowery

      track, not tract. :-O

  9. 125 is my goal weight, too, lol. I hit it last month. I eat very little dairy these days, and very little gluten, and have much more healthy variety in my diet. I was doing a lot of yoga at home, but after I hit my goal weight, I started going to the gym again.

  10. I can’t imagine getting up early to work out. Good for you.

  11. I’m impressed! I count calories too. I hate to rule out whole food groups, so keeping a count fits my need for variety.

    I’d be happy to look like Halle Berry. Hell, I’d be happy to look like a knock-off, second-rate Halle Berry look alike.

  12. Wow! Look at you go. You’re crushing it! I started eating better but I’m not too worried about my weight. The gain is a result of my new medication so that helps my mindset. Keep rocking and rolling!

  13. You go girl! I am living a very different life than you, but I believe you can do this! 2019 is going to be a good year. I can feel it!

  14. I would definitely like to lose some weight this year, and that only tends to happen when I use a calorie counting app, but I REALLY don’t like using that dang app! It can seem like such a chore, even though it really isn’t.

  15. I’m trying to change my diet in order to get healthier for the new year. Thanks for sharing!

  16. This is so inspiring, Loni! Way to go. Please keep us posted.

    I’m paying way too much for a gym membership I don’t use, and my plan is to return this week. I wanted to return last week, and the week before, but I’m finding it so difficult. I’ve got so much to do, and I’m definitely not getting enough sleep. I often crash in the middle of the day, and that leaves me even more work to do at night. I’m hoping your fantastic example will inspire me to do better.

    Thanks for sharing. I’d love to lose 30 too, but even 20 would make a big difference.

  17. Good luck with your goals! I would also love to lose a few pounds, but I’ve found that just exercise isn’t enough for me. I need to balance everything in my life – work, diet, exercise, sleep, writing, mood – in order to feel healthy and energetic. It’s been a struggle the last few years, but I’m trying to get back on the ball.

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