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Howdy All! Life’s been traumatic at the Town’s End, so I’m happy to bring a bit of good news to my blog.

The amazing and talented Elizabeth Seckman released a book! What’s more, you can get it for free!! *squee!!!* That’s news enough to brighten this squirrel’s day, so let me do the honor of filling you in if you haven’t heard.

About Us

Hayden Matthews isn’t looking for love—she’s trying to get as far from it as possible. She’s already wasted eight years in a failed marriage and is ready for a good life. A peaceful life. One where she can raise her daughter to be strong, independent, and happy. But to make that happen, she must fix her own life first.

Cam Vorelli has loved Hayden since he was in grade school. Always in the friend-zone, he stood on the sidelines, his heart breaking, as she said I do to the wrong man. A man he knew didn’t deserve her, who could never love her as he did. But what could he say? She was marrying into his family. Cam would never break a holy vow much less be disloyal to his kin.

Until he sees the bruises on Hayden. Abuse is a game changer.

Leaving a husband like Tag, who has a hot temper, a badge, and a gun is tricky. When Hayden calls Cam for help, she isn’t trying to lure him into any romantic webs. She needs someone she can trust and knowing her soon-to-be ex fears his former NFL cousin is a bonus.

When Cam comes to her rescue, he isn’t doing it to win her love. He does it because it’s the right thing to do. But if she starts to feel the same for him…couldn’t it be fate?

Having read the story myself, I definitely recommend it. It’s got complex and interesting characters, romance you can root for, and emotions that tug the heartstrings.

Here’s where to get it:

Kobo (Free) | Smashwords (Free) | Amazon (99 cents)

Of course, I couldn’t leave you without info about the author.

Elizabeth is a multi-published author of books for people who are believers in happily-ever-after, true love, and stories with a bit of fun and twists with their plots. The mother of four young men, she tackles laundry daily and is the keeper of the kitchen. She lives along the shores of the Ohio River in West Virginia, but dreams daily of the beach.

Be sure to find her online (I always look forward to what she posts):

Facebook | Blog | Website

In case you can’t read the excerpt too well in the header, I’ll link the image again and you can hopefully open it in a larger view:

Have you picked up your free book yet? Do you like second chance romances? Are you as big of a fan of Elizabeth’s as I am?

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10 thoughts on “About Us #NewRelease

  1. I love Elizabeth’s writing. Congrats, friend! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  2. Thank you Loni and Melissa. One thing about book launches- it reminds me what a great writing community I have. Love my writing peeps so much!

  3. Congrats Elizabeth!

  4. Big congratulations to Elizabeth!

  5. Sounds like it’s about my speed. I’ll have to check it out.

  6. A huge congrats to Elizabeth!

  7. Congrats to Elizabeth – I just downloaded it.

  8. Sounds great!

  9. yay for Elizabeth!

    and Loni, wanted to tell you I loved your last post about your kids finding the magic of creating their own stories and you finding a way to finish yours — a touching story in itself!

    also, thanks for your kind words on my Beast World campaign =)

    Tara Tyler Talks

  10. Congrats, Elizabeth!

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