I’ll See You In September #IWSG

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, meaning it’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group Day! Woot!

I netted 16K in August toward book 3, which is a decent chunk for me. If you’re wondering (which you probably aren’t) “what about book 2?”, well, I did convince myself that the changes I have planned (and have been avoiding) are still the way I want to go.

To streamline book 2, I intend to take out a subplot concerning an group of people getting sick. But by doing this, I’m removing a character (aka T) whom some readers said was a great character. That left me torn, but I reassured myself that it was in the best interest of the plot that I stick to my new plan.

As I’ve been writing in book 3, I started contemplating all of the different things that need to happen. D (the main character) needs R, but can’t go get R himself. The logical choice would be to send J, because J is R’s biological daughter. If I take out the subplot in book 2, it means J never mended the relationship she had with the people inhabiting R’s province. That sent my brain scrambling to work out the details because previously conceived ideas had J taking refuge with the people while on the run from book 3’s evil bad guys.

Then I had a great idea: Bring back T in the same role as he would’ve played in book 2, smoothing over the prickly relationship between J and the people, while helping J find R. The situation’s going to be grimmer, and the response from J at age 46 is going to be different from J at age 16. But T can be the same sensible, grandfatherly pacifist he was in book 2.

So raise a cheer because it means I’m still on the right path with book 2, even if I haven’t put down any words toward it in months.

Oh, and I finished two more digital paintings in August! Derek (my main character) and Return of the Dissidents (with itty-bitty J facing the dragon).

IWSG Question of the Month – If you could choose one author, living or dead, to be your beta partner, who would it be and why?

I’d go with Piers Anthony. I devoured his books and I gained an appreciation for the way he could tackle darker stuff in some books and keep it light and punny in others. I’d written him a couple of fan letters when I was younger and even gotten a response and a mention in Zombie Lover’s back book credits. So yeah, he’d be my choice.

On a personal note, I’d like to say that my parents are doing fantastic since my mom finished her treatments, and they’ve returned to traveling, sending me pictures of Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, and Old West Cody Wyoming. It’s great to see them thriving again.

Have you been making any progress with your work? Have you ever faced changing details across multiple books? Who would you choose as a beta partner?

Loni Townsend

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25 thoughts on “I’ll See You In September #IWSG

  1. I love when I get epiphanies like that that work out.

    Your digital art is amazing. I am a fan!

  2. I always love your art. Awesome!

    Every time I consider going back to write an epic fantasy I am reminded of your struggles and “Nope” myself out of it. 🙂 I admire your tenacity and I’m convinced that it will be fabulous when it all comes together. Keep it up!

  3. Anna

    YAY! For parents and for 16k. Wow. Way to get the words down. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  4. I used to have a Piers Anthony book that I’d gotten from a book club. Don’t recall ever having read it or any other books by this author, but that would have been many years ago. He wrote a lot of books so that would give him credibility as a judge of writing I’d say.

    Very nice artwork!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  5. Hooray for still being on the right path with book 2!

    And yeah…I’ve definitely had the ‘changing details across multiple books’ challenge. It’s never dull.

    So glad your parents are doing well.

  6. Your digital paintings are GORGEOUS! Such talent!
    Good luck with book 2!

  7. That’s great that you are figuring out the plot for book 2 by writing book 3. That might be a good writing technique to try.

  8. So glad to hear your folks are out and enjoying life! Congrats on the 16K in August – that’s awesome. Yeah, the whole “everything must go/no, everything must stay” is a constant PITA in revisions. It’s good that you’ve found some peace with it.

    As usual, your art continues to be wonderful! And who doesn’t love dragons?!

  9. Love your paintings!
    I know what you mean about changing details across multiple books. I’m about to do that too.

  10. Glad you solved your issue. That would make my head spin.
    Good news to hear your parents are back out exploring the world.

  11. Yeah, you got to keep T!

    I’ve read a couple Piers Anthony books. My best friend loved that author.

  12. So happy to hear about your parents! SUCH a 2020 win!! And yay with figuring out the books!! So glad you’re in a good place! 🙂

  13. Piers Anthony has a lot of books out. Great choice! Sounds like your writing is coming along- that’s awesome. The images you have here are very beautiful. Have a great month!

  14. I read a lot of Piers Anthony back in college. I really enjoyed his Xanth series, although after about 7 books it felt like he was kind of mailing it in.

    Using book 3 to help sort out book 2 is a great idea. It’ll make them dovetail together quite nicely.

  15. It’s interesting how as the plot changes, some things come back into play. Glad you’re finding the solutions you need.

  16. C. Lee McKenzie

    You can’t do better than be on the right path, Loni. And your number of words is quite impressive. Applause. Hope you can hear it. Love the digital paintings. Multi-talented, girl.

  17. I haven’t read that author, but I think the best authors are versatile. I’m not that into dark fiction, but I do like mysteries, especially when they’re funny. The reader needs that break.
    Awesome job getting so much writing done. I’m glad to hear about your parents’ good health and adventures!

  18. Louise (Fundy Blue)

    Cheers on untangling some tangles, Loni! I read Piers Anthony way, way back. Good choice for a Beta reader! I have no concept of how someone creates a digital painting, but yours are gorgeous!

  19. I have changed details across multiple books and it’s really difficult. Way to go for digging in!
    I really like Piers Anthony, too. Great choice!

  20. Your artwork is absolutely amazing, Loni! You’re so talented. I love what you’re doing with your character. I bet it’s such fun to be working with him again. Yay for creativity!

    Click link below for my new domain. Warmly,

  21. JQ Rose

    Congratulations on 16K AND WTG on figuring out Book 2 by forwarding to the later books in the series. Great lesson there for us. Sounds like your folks are having a great time. So happy for them–and you.
    JQ Rose

  22. I love the digital art!

    I think that type of problem solving is one of the most fun parts about writing, but then again, I was a mathematician back in the day. Up with geeks!

  23. Yay! It’s nice when a solution presents itself.

  24. Congratulations on all the words! And, wow, love your art!

  25. Glad your parents are doing better!

    I’ve concluded that writing is a lot like putting together pieces of a puzzle. It’s so satisfying when you get all the pieces to fit!

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