Featured Photo Friday

At the store, I found some gorgeous apples—the type I imagine the wicked queen offered to Snow White. Perfect for a featured photo.


Though I like the shot, I’m disappointed the stem was out of focus. Live and learn. But I needed other shots with my beauties.

I did a shelfie a couple of weeks ago. Then I looked at the others people have done, and I was jealous of everyone’s book shelves. I don’t have many physical recreational books. But I do have a handful of craft books that friends have given me for birthdays and Christmas. The apples seemed to fit with the educational theme.

Writerly Shelfie

Since I saw no nice way to inject myself into the photo, I decided I’d go with a different model.


She is far cuter than I am anyways.

Have you seen beautiful fruit lately? What’s on your book shelf?

Loni Townsend

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16 thoughts on “Featured Photo Friday

  1. She’s cute. I like all of the photos.

  2. The apple trees around Rothenberg, Germany were brimming with fruit. Even the parking lot on the outside of the medieval wall around the old city was full of apple trees. Suffice to say, it made me want some apples. Now this is the third blog post this week I’ve seen that’s dealt with apples. Apples are everywhere this time of year.

  3. Is that your daughter? She’s absolutely adorable! Great pics! 🙂

  4. Excellent photos! Apples look tasty and she’s so very cute. 🙂

  5. That’s my favorite shelfie so far! I love the apple picture. I think the stem being out of focus makes it more interesting.

  6. Love the photos. Aren’t the apples scrumptious this time of year? I’d never heard of a “shelfie” photo of what books a person has. That’s fun.

    What a cute photo of your daughter reading. Love it!

  7. Lovely, lovely pictures. A shelfie? That’s the first time I’ve heard of one. Yours looks great, Loni, although I must confess I absolutely love your little one poring over the books!

  8. They’re all great! I like how that one apple still has a bit of leaf on the stem. And she’s a super cutie!! (daughter, not apple) 😉

  9. Ah! That last picture is adorable. 😀

  10. Books and apples — what’s not to like? Nice shots. I’ve been having a hankering for apple pie lately…

  11. Can’t beat the book and apple combination. This time of year my tongue is always hanging out for the fall apples.
    Your little girl is a cutie!

  12. I think that is an awesome picture of the apple. Didn’t even notice the blurry stem.

    And that is one cute model!! You should get double entries into the shelfie contest!

  13. Lovely apples, adorable child. Maybe I should put my kids in a shelfie. Great idea! We are loving apple season here in upstate New York. Honeycrisp are my favorite.

  14. I just made it in for the Shelfie bloghop.
    Nothing wrong with your pics…especially the model! Cute!
    And now I’m thinking of apple crumble with a generous dollop of fresh cream.

  15. I love your pictures! And now you have me extremely hungry for apples! 😉

  16. love your blog! And I LOVE photos of fruit–it’s the only thing I actually like about fall, honestly (so not a fall person!) but I love buying little pumpkins, lining them up and taking pics. and aaw she’s such a cutie!

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