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I’ve been working on Murder Most Fowl, the next in the Cera Chronicles. My goal is to beef it up from 10K to 25K, and adjust the pace for something more suitable for a novella, rather than a serialized story. It’s been fun so far, and I hope to get it done sometime this month.

With high hopes of finishing MMF, I’ve designed and finished the cover. But I’m not revealing it yet! I know… I hear the resounding “AWWWWW!” of disappointment.

During my design, I decided to revamp the series branding and make the titles more readable at a thumbnail size. I like the metallic title, but it works better for the short titles of the Ninier series.

Therefore, I bring you a new and improved cover for This World Bites! (I drew the heart in the corner myself.)

Cera Chronicles: This World Bites

Do you like the new cover? Do you do your own cover design? Are you looking forward to Murder Most Fowl?

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21 thoughts on “Cover Revamp!

  1. Can’t miss the title now!

  2. I love Cera! And can’t wait for this next one. Murder Most Fowl is a great title. And that heart on the cover is cool. So artistic. You have wonderful skills.

  3. I love the new cover. And you know I can’t wait for the next one – been bugging you since the first one came out. The heart is really cool and also links the series together. That’s brilliant. So, do you do all your own cover designs? Direct me to posts you’ve written about this if I’ve missed them. Thanks! 🙂

    • I didn’t do much discussion for the Cera Chronicles covers via my blog. Most of it was bouncing off ideas and passing images to my local friends to get feedback. I think the most detailed I got was when I talked about my model. I did post about designing the back of the cover, though no one who owns the e-book really sees it.

      Most of my cover design talk is about the Ninier series, which I did do myself. I’ll send you an email with the four covers I’ve got if you’re interested in seeing them in series. I talk about the creation of Thanmir War in this post along with the first professional criticism I got here. This is where I started focusing on titles, and how I ended up choosing a metallic effect. When I started looking at colors is about when you started visiting me regularly. I made some minor adjustments with a gradient behind the title and my name, and ended up where I am today.

      I’m looking at doing some glowing metal for my companion novel in the Niniers series. I just came up with the title last week so, of course, my thoughts turn to putting that on a canvas. ^_^

      • Sarah

        Ooh! Thank you. I do remember some of these now that you’ve mentioned them but want to check them all out. And will check my email (which is now working). 🙂

  4. What a great title. How could anyone not want to read that?

    You do a great job with cover art! If I tried to make my own I can only imagine the horror LOL.

  5. Oh, yes, yes, yes. That title just pops off the screen at me. And I love the heart. Can’t wait for MMF!
    I’ve been doing my own covers for the last few novels. I tend to see if there’s a premade image elsewhere first before tackling any sort of imagery on my own.

  6. What the heck? I posted a comment this morning but it appears to have disappeared.

    I said I liked the old cover, but the new one is very cool as well. The title really pops now, and the Cera logo is a nice touch. It will be a cool element to tie all the covers together as more are added to the series down the road.

  7. I do like the cover and I’m very much looking forward to reading MMF! I loved This World Bites and can’t wait to see more of Cera and crew.

    Um…yeah, I know when it’s not a good idea so I hired a cover designer. I have zero talent in that area. Ideas, but no idea how to implement them. Have a really cool idea for the next one, but I’m not sure if it’s feasible. But I need to get that book done first. XP

  8. Love the new cover! My Backworlds book 1 has had… too many covers to count. I don’t do them myself, though. I hire a lass more talented than myself.

  9. I like the updated cover both the larger text and the brighter color. Great little heart design there for the series too!

  10. I love the blue of those letters – beautiful!

    And yep, I do my own, and other people’s. 😉

  11. I AM looking forward to Murder Most Fowl! And that awesome lady right there, Joleene Naylor, does my covers!

    Loni, it looks great 🙂

  12. I love “Murder Most Fowl” for a title. Brilliant.

    And I love how bright the revamped cover is. It really looks great.

    I don’t do my own cover design. If I did, my covers would be nothing more than a pair of badly-drawn stick figures. 🙂

  13. Very nice cover! I like the heart you drew, it’s makes an excellent series stamp 🙂

  14. Fun cover! And I second Julie’s comment – I would never try to do cover art myself. The horror, the horror! 🙂

  15. Looks great. ^_^ And I like the series logo too. Something like that is great to help readers find all the books in a series, especially if the titles aren’t thematically linked.

  16. Great cover, and as one of your IWSG crit partners, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Murder Most Fowl, especially if you need another set of eyes on it..

  17. The heart is a great touch. I like it a lot.

  18. The title definitely stands out more with this one. I like it! Really nice job on the heart, too!

  19. Love it. There are so many talented people in the world. Congrats on the new cover. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

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